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Sonoran DogWe’ve tried a Sonoran Hot Dog or two in the Phoenix area before but after seeing all the tv shows on El Geuro Canelo, I made it part of my mission to check it out while down in Tucson.
What I like about this place is that they have a small menu that focuses on a handful of items that they do well.  Carne asada burritos/tacos/tortas/caramelos, Sonoran Hot Dogs, and some Mexican-style beverages (aguas frescas, horchatas, cane-sugar Coke bottled in Mexico, that sort of thing).
I stuck with the Sonoran Hot Dogs and got a few to go for myself, including their Sammy, a Sonoran Hot Dog but with 2 bacon-wrapped hot dogs instead of just one.  Without diving in too much on what’s in a Sonoran Hot Dog, just keep in mind that it’s loaded… kind of like a Chicago-style dog.  Bolillo roll instead of a hot dog bun, hot dog wrapped in bacon, then filled with a ton of condiments including beans, mayo, mustard, tomato, and green salsa.
What makes El Guero Canelo great is their condiment/salsa bar.  Cebollas (grilled green onions), grilled jalapenos, red salsa, green salsa, pico de gallo (solid), avocado crema, radish, and limes.
The verdict – this place is solid.  Cheap dogs (a little more than $2 each, a little more than $3 for the sammy) and a quality condiment/salsa bar.  If they were open 24 hours a day, they’d make a killing with the drunk food crowd on weekends.
What am I trying next at this place?  Their carne asada burrito.  I saw someone take it back to their table and it looked like a nerf football.  You think Chipotle makes big burritos… that’s childs play.  I can put two of them down as a snack.  The burrito from El Guero Canelo looked significantly larger than what you get at Filiberto’s as well.
Until next time, do yourself a favor if you’re in the Tucson area to grab a dog from this place.  Especially if you need it to soak up some of that booze in your belly.

Grilled Qual.jpgJ. and I like to watch a local PBS show called Check Please, Arizona. It is a funny little show that reviews restaurants here in Arizona. We have discovered a few places from watching this show and have also written off quite a few.

A few months back we were watching, looking for places we could possibly take my parents when they came to visit and Rancho Pinot was reviewed. It is a little fancy for our usual tastes but the Wild West décor and some of the menu items caught our eye.

We do occasionally like to try out some of the fancier restaurants so we decided try it out to see if it was the kind of place we would want to take visitors. The restaurant is decorated with a giant cactus skeleton in the middle of the restaurant – who knew they had skeletons. The walls are then decorated with Southwest themed photos, painting and bits and pieces. All very quirky and different.  I thought that it was something different for visitors.

Anyway, to the important stuff… the food.


To start we ordered the small plate of grilled quail with sweet corn polenta, sautéed greens and peach mostarda. This was delicious and we were hoping it would set the tone for the rest of the night.

J. order scallops for his main course. He had seen them on the TV show and they were one of the main reasons we went there… His plate came out with 3 diver scallops that had been mesquite grilled, on a bed of corn risotto with tomato broth and bacon-fennel relish. Doesn’t that just sound amazing!! It was a small serving and I knew it wasn’t going to be enough for him so I had ordered accordingly.

Berkshire Pork.jpg

Though there was nothing wrong with the dish J. wasn’t raving about it and considering this was the main thing he had wanted to try, it was a little disappointing. He was also still well and truly hungry after he had finished it.

Fortunately I had ordered the Berkshire Pork. This was huge and served with creamy polenta, green beans and a roasted tomato. The pork was tender and flavorful, the polenta was tasty. Thankfully there was plenty for J. to finish it off.

Since we were out on the town for the night we ordered desserts. J. wanted to try the Olive oil cake with meyer lemon curd, which was tasty. I had the Shaker Meyer Lemon Tart, which was different from other tarts I had tried, more like a lemon pie, with pastry on the top as well as the Olive Oil Cake.jpgbottom. It was yummy and tangy, as a good lemon tart should be.

I don’t like giving bad reviews, and this isn’t really bad, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the food or the service. I would never tell someone not to go here. You will get good food and good service and be in an interesting restaurant. Plus they have a really good wine list.

Unfortunately though for us, it wasn’t memorable and it certainly wasn’t worth the price we paid. The most memorable thing for me all night was the Arizonan wine I had with my meal! As you can probably tell from this entry we weren’t really impressed or disappointed… it was all just fine. Not what you want when you spend $100+ on a meal.

Lemon tart.jpgWhen we are going somewhere nice for a special occasion this won’t be at the top of our list, there are other places that are more memorable and places that we rave about that come before this. They do have seasonal menus which means we might go back some day and try a new menu and could be wowed!

However, this is just our opinion and what we like – maybe you will have a better experience and it will be exactly what you want.

Plus, where else can you get Wild West fine dining!

Chicken Fried Steak.jpgA few months ago, it might be more than a few now… we discovered a new café had opened right next door to our gym. We have some favorite breakfast places here in Phoenix but none close to us and on a lazy Saturday it would be nice to just be able to drive or walk around the corner and get a yummy breakfast.

When we saw Biscuits Café had opened, we decided it was worth giving it a try. Plus if it was good we could always stop in there after a weekend workout to undo any good we may have just accomplished.

We stopped in one Saturday and were surprised at how busy it was, we even had a short wait. Once seated, we studied the menu that was really quite big. It was a big menu considering that it is only opened for breakfast and lunch.

Considering that the place is called Biscuits you would imagine that at least one of us would have chosen biscuits for The meat platter.jpgbreakfasts but we didn’t! Of course not!

A quick aside, we still haven’t tried the biscuits at Biscuits but when my parents visited a few months ago they went here and were given a complimentary biscuit to try since being Australian they had never tried an American style biscuit before… They said it was delicious!

Back to the story…

J. ordered THE MEAT LOVERS PLATTER… of course he did! With that on the menu there was no chance of him ordering anything else. For $10.99 he got a platter loaded with ham steak, bacon and sausage links. He could then choose 2 eggs anyway, hash browns or red potatoes and biscuits, toast or pancakes. He went with fried eggs, hash browns and pancakes. What a mountain of food!

I went with CHICKEN FRIED STEAK… it seems so unnatural but I love this stuff. It was smothered in sausage gravy which was just unbelievable. This really isn’t something you find in Australia, the sausage gravy and we used to have crumbed steak growing up which is as close to chicken fried steak we can get there.

Side of Pancakes.jpg

I also had the same choices as J. and went with with fried eggs, hash browns and toast. The toast came with some delicious jam which I could have eaten by the spoonful. All of this for only $10.99.

We were really impressed with Biscuits. So much so that we have returned a number of times, taken friends, and recommended it to my parents. The food was incredibly tasty, the service was great – we had continuous refills, of my coffee and J’s ice tea, even though they were really busy. I think the food felt like it was made in someone’s home kitchen rather than a restaurant. Just good, delicious and unpretentious food.

We found out a little after our first visit there that it is actually a franchise with one other in Phoenix and then a few scattered around the US. If the others are anywhere near as good as this one, it is worth a visit!

20130721-190606.jpgI would never say that I am a beer connoisseur. I am nowhere near discerning enough to where that label! I am happy to pretty much drink any kind of beer, with little or no judgement. I do however have some beers that I don’t particularly like. Fruity beers often seem too sweet and less like a beer than I would like. Often I feel like I am drinking a soda or cocktail. I simply don’t believe in fruit beer!

J. isn’t really a fan of beer at all, occasionally he will have a beer and will always taste mine but I am well and truly the drinker in our relationship… I’m not complaining, after all that means I always have a happy designated driver.

We were out shopping on the weekend and I saw a six pack of San Tan Brewing Company‘s Mr Pineapple, pineapple wheat beer on special. J. had tried this on a visit to San Tan Brewery and had like it. San Tan is a small brewery and restaurant here in Chandler, not too far from our place. I have been there but had never tried the Mr Pineapple since it is a summer seasonal beer.

As an aside, the beers that I have tried at San Tan are excellent and we even took my parents there and Dad certainly enjoyed the beers he tried.

Anyway, we bought a six pack of Mr Pineapple and took it home. It was hot and humid here this weekend so a nice cool beer was perfect to go with our BBQ (Aussie Style not American style) dinner on Sunday night.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the beer. You can certainly taste the pineapple but it isn’t overpowering and just adds a little sweetness. The beer is definitely a beer, not a soda or cocktail and is incredibly refreshing.

If you happen to be in Chandler, Arizona definitely check out San Tan Brewery and try some of the beers and the food (which is also really good). If you are lucky enough to discover some of the beers in your local grocery store (try Wholefoods) pick up a few and give them a try… Mr Pineapple may just make a believer out of you too!

Chicken Club.jpgLast week I finally got my work visa which means that I am allowed to start working at the job I got all the way back in August. This is a huge thing for me and I am excited and am looking forward to getting back to work. To start off my time at my new work I attended their Christmas lunch on Tuesday and have now set off on a two week vacation to Australia. Not a bad way to start a new job, with some very understanding bosses.

Anyway back to the food. On Tuesday we went to lunch in Scottsdale (near the new office) at a place called Cask 63. There were only 5 of us in attendance but we had a great time. J. and I as always looked at the menu on the weekend before trying to decide what I should eat when I got there. I had planned on having the Redbirds Farm Grilled Chicken Club. I do like a good club sandwich and being new I didn’t want to go the most expensive thing on the menu or the largest, most decadent thing.

No surprises, I ordered the club… even though there were lots of other delicious things on the menu.

This club was tomato, lettuce, Nueske’s bacon, Chipotle aioli on a brioche bun. Now I didn’t know what Nueske’s bacon was so I had to Google it. Apparently they are famous for being the original apple wood smoked bacon… You learn something every day.

It was a huge sandwich with a massive side of crisp parmesan fries. It was quite delicious. I must admit I probably enjoyed the fries more than the sandwich. The bacon and aioli were really yummy but the chicken was a little plain and dry… it wasn’t bad, just not the best club sandwich I have ever eaten…

The fries however were a different story. Beautifully crispy, they were covered in parmesan, yet weren’t too rich or cheesy to devour. I do like a good fry and they did a great job at this place. There were so many of them, I couldn’t even finish them.

Overall it was a fun and yummy lunch… I would go back just for the fries. What a great way to start off my Christmas vacation… not to mention my new career! Merry Christmas to me!

P.S. I am on vacation so won’t be posting as much until I get back to the US in January.

Pink Cougar.jpgMe and a new friend and soon to be colleague, S, headed out for some early Christmas drinks last night. We went to a place down the road from my soon to be office called Grassroots. This is a bar, meets gastro pub, meets restaurant. It is a really nice place and so close to work and most importantly their “social hour” has both food, beer, wine and cocktail discounts.

I was in a celebrating mood so for a change I went for a cocktail instead of beer or wine. I got a giant glass of white sangria. I would tell you what was in it but unfortunately the menu stated that it was a secret recipe so I have no idea. But it looked so pretty and festive, plus it tasted super delicious! Is it strange that sangria makes me think of Christmas? My family went through a stage of making sangria during the Wisconsin Burrata.jpgholidays, since it is so warm in Australia at that time of year. I thought I was being very good only ordering a class when I could have ordered a jug for $20! How restrained I was.

S ordered something called a Pink Cougar, this was a combination of vodka, chamomile-lemongrass syrup, lemon and a pink candy wedge. This came in a lovely martini glass. I assume she really enjoyed it… she drank it all. All I have to say is that it wasn’t very pink… I would have liked to see more pink.

I always like to nibble on something when I am drinking, especially if I have to drive so S and I decided to order some of their yummy shared plates. Ok, to be honest I ate enough that I didn’t need dinner when I got home… but that’s ok, isn’t it?

White Sangria.jpg

First up we ordered the Wisconsin Burrata… a plate of yummy goodness. The plate came out with a giant ball of fresh mozzarella, arugula with a delicious dressing, a spicy tomato jam and sea salted crunchy ciabatta. So we spread on some jam and mozzarella and added some arugula to a piece of ciabatta. What a delicious combination and the mozzarella had to be some of the best I had ever eaten!

Next we ordered something called Dad’s Grocery Bag, basically a meat and cheese platter. Lucky for me S. is a vegetarian so I got to eat all of the delicious cured meats, some salami, ham and pastrami! Yummy. Somewhere in there I also ordered a second glass of White Sangria.

Ok, back to the platter… It had 3 different cheese on it, I know one was a goat cheese, another was a sharp cheddar of some kind and the third though delicious, I have know idea what it was. Also on the platter were some mixed nuts, honey and beautifully freshDads Grocery Bag.jpg french bread. This was such a great thing to nibble on while we chatted and drank.

One of the things I have missed about home are having after work drinks with friends at a cool cafe or bar. Just hanging out and chatting over drinks and good food was how I spent many a Friday night back in Melbourne. I am hoping since this Grassroots Kitchen & Tap is just down the road S. and I will have at least a few more opportunities to sample their wares! Sitting out on their heated patio will be a perfect end to a work week. New friends and new jobs… now that deserves another cocktail!

Fairytale Brownie.jpgOnce upon a time… a long time ago… in a land far far away… a boy and a girl met. Boy wanted to impress girl with sweet, delicious treats, girl was happy to be impressed.

These are the stuff of fairytales, magic and myth… of love, romance and decadence… (I’m talking about my love and romance with chocolate).

Fairytale Brownies

J. had these sent to me very early in our relationship when we were both still trying to impress each other… He told me that they were great, that I would love them. To be honest I was incredibly skeptical. Every brownie I had ever eaten was ok, it was yummy sure but nothing special. Brownies really aren’t such a big thing in Australia.

This spectacular box of brownies arrived at my, then, office. of course, I couldn’t wait until I got home to try them so I ripped Big brownies.jpgthem open right there and then. Inside were 12 individually wrapped brownies of varying flavors. As pretty as the packaging was I still didn’t believe they were as great as J kept saying.

I chose an original brownie to try first… I took a bite, my knees went weak, I quickly sat down. Oh my, these were the best thing I had ever tasted! How is this possible when they were sent across the Pacific all packaged up?

Ever since that first bite it has been true love, a love that will never die. I have brought back countless boxes from the US to Australia for gifts, for my family, for friends. They freeze incredibly well so we used to have a stash of them in our freezer in Australia.

Why are they so good you ask? They melt in your mouth, they are incredibly chocolaty, they are moist, rich and decadent, and last but certainly not least the different flavors are just genius!

  • Original – Belgian dark chocolate brownie
  • Walnut – Brownie piled walnuts
  • Pecan – Bursting with handfuls of fresh, crunchy pecan halves
  • Raspberry Swirl – Raspberry purée swirls through the chocolate brownie
  • Cream Cheese – Cream cheese swirled through the chocolate brownie
  • Toffee Crunch – Big chunks of crunchie toffee have been baked into the brownie
  • Caramel – A thin layer of caramel through the center of the chocolate brownie
  • Mint Chocolate – Mint flavored chocolate hand-drizzled over brownie
  • Espresso Nib – Filled with rich espresso flavor, sprinkled with crushed cocoa nibs
  • White Chocolate –Chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips inside and white chocolate drizzled on top
  • Peanut Butter – Yummy peanut butter swirled through the chocolate brownie
  • Choc Chip – Chocolate chips inside the brownie for some extra chocolate

Sprites.jpgI have to admit that I have tried every one of these at least twice but I do have my favorites. I am a huge fan of the toffee crunch and the cream cheese while J. loves the caramel brownie. I don’t particularly enjoy the walnut or pecan brownies but then if they were my only choices I would still eat them. To be honest I would eat all of them over and over and over again, and we have!

J. and I recently stocked up for our Holiday trip home to Australia. We got one large box of brownies to share with the family. We will cut these up and they will go a long way. We also got a box of brownie sprites which are half the size but perfect to give away as gifts. I don’t think my family is concerned with Christmas presents, as long as I bring them home some brownies.Toffee Crunch.jpg

They are too good to be true; you eat them and think it has to be a dream. So Fairytale Brownies has a fitting name, and they certainly helped J. in his attempts to impress me. A little Phoenix based shop that delivers around the world… perfect!

I have to wait until Christmas for my next bite though… so I’m going to close my eyes and think about them for a little while now…

And they lived happily ever after… (me and the brownies)

There are many things I could and eventually probably will talk about in regard to American food. There are so many similarities to Australian food and then drastic differences at the same time. But today I have one particular thing on my mind… On one of my first real adventures into American eating many years ago with J., he introduced me to the American oddity of combining of syrup and bacon or waffles and chicken with syrup.

Maybe this wouldn’t be strange to other people, maybe my palate had been limited by my exposure to predominantly Asian and Italian influences in my eating. This was a strange, unusual yet delicious new combination for my taste buds  The combination of savory and sweet, the syrup on the chicken or bacon! It was just crazy.

The reason I bring up this sensation is that last week J. and I ventured to Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles. A place he had taken me to before but not for years, the place where I had first tried fried chicken with breakfast items, waffles… Crazy! This is a great restaurant with 2 different locations in the area and one not far from J’s work. We decided it would be great to drop in there one night when I was picking him up from work.

After ordering our sodas, which were served in gigantic mason jars. We got down to studying the menu. The thing I love about the menu at Lolo’s is that you can choose the piece of chicken you get, be that thigh, drumstick etc. I love that I can get a mix if I want.

J. went with the specialty of the house and ordered the Lil Amadi. This is 2 pieces of southern fried chicken and a waffle. You can choose between thighs and drumsticks and it of course comes with generous servings of butter and syrup.

This was the perfect size for J. We have had situations at Lolo’s where we have both been overflowing with delicious food and need to sleep for several days to get over it. He said his chicken was crispy and yummy and the waffle delicious. What more could you ask for really!

I actually didn’t feel like the sweet side of things this time around so I went for the Baby C. This is 2 pieces of southern fried chicken served with fries or a hot bowl of grits. I was boring and just went with the fries. The fries however were surprisingly delicious. They were seasoned with some kind of spice mix that just made them incredibly good. I don’t know what the spice was but it was amazing… best fries I have had for a while. Though I couldn’t finish them all J. made sure I didn’t let the waitress clear the plate until he had finished them off.

Now I can’t not talk about the chicken… My chicken was great, better than great, it was sublime. I find it amazing how crunchy the skin is yet they manage to make the meat so juicy and tender at the same time. I wolfed down my chicken very quickly, I may have been starving or it may have been just that good.

A thing you all should know is that my dinner was $6 and J’s was $7!!! Talk about an absolute steal. Not only is it cheap and delicious, this is chicken unlike anything you will find at KFC… the Colonel has nothing on Lolo! This sweet and savory combination that America does is definitely something I am happy to embrace!


This is my 50th blog post and in honor I am cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We are having friends over for dinner and I may be being a little excessive but have planned a three-course dinner. I am sure the next few blog entries will be all about the delicious goodies I am hard at work preparing but before that I wanted to introduce everyone to my new favortie sushi restaurant… Mikado.

J. had found this place on Yelp during one of his frequent explorations and it had great reviews. Our local sushi place that I have talked about before is great but super expensive so we thought we would give this place a go. The only problem is that we were starving when we got there, crazy starving. We ordered so much food the waiter and waitresses kept laughing and asking if we needed anything else and if we were going to eat it all. They actually brought our food out on a boat because it was soooo much. The people at the table next to us with their one sushi roll couldn’t believe it.

Everything we ate was fantastic. We ordered a mixed plate of sashimi and even though we didn’t know what half of it was we enjoyed every single piece. It also came with rice, salad and miso. For some reason I find miso soup so deliciously warming and comforting and the salad was tasty too. The tuna and salmon sashimi were amazing! So fresh and they just melted in your mouth.

I can’t remember exactly which sushi rolls we order but there were a lot. I know we got a spicy tuna roll that was deep fried and of course J. ordered his spicy eel roll that he loves to get at our other sushi place. J and I were both really happy with them and we finished them off. The others we ordered were also great but they have been lost in the sushi induce coma we fell into after dinner.

Lastly we had some ebi (shrimp) and ika (squid) sushi. The ebi were delicious however I was slightly disappointed with the ika, it was just a little chewy. But that was a small complaint and the only complaint out of everything we ate and we ate an extremely large amount.

Of course all of this delicious sushi and sashimi were washed down with icy cold Sapporo.

We ate about twice as much as we would normally at our local sushi restaurant and it cost pretty close to the same amount. I know we ate too much because we were starving when we went in and neither of us were that hungry the next day at all. I think this will be our new “local” sushi place since it is just as delicious and so much more affordable.

The night was great, the food delicious and we provided entertainment for the staff with the sheer quantity of sushi, sashimi and sapporo we put away!

We literally ate a boat load of sushi!

Yesterday’s post about ten things I miss about home may have led some of you to believe I didn’t like Arizona. That is not the case at all. I am having a great time here and love so many things about the Valley of the Sun! So in honor of my new home I thought today’s post should be about 10 things I love about Arizona. Obviously J. is the number 1 thing but I thought I would keep this food related!

1. Mexican Food

Do I really need to say anything here!? The authentic, delicious, unlimited supply of great Mexican food is probably one of the best selling points about Phoenix. They should use it in their tourism advertising… Grand Canyon, meh… Tacos, burritos and tortas… oh yeah!

2. Sunshine

363 days of sunshine a year! Well that is what they say. Whether this is true or not, I’m not sure, but I do know that the winters here are spectacular. Blue sky, warm days and chilly nights makes it perfect for eating healthy and indulging all at the same time. Healthy lunches and then rich soups, curries and stews for dinner… not to mention a hot chocolate curled up on the couch before bed. The next morning we then get to wake up to another day of warm sunshine.

3. Hamburgers

The choices for burgers here seems endless. I know this isn’t specific to Arizona, it is more a general American thing but I feel as though J. and I could eat at a different burger place every night for a year and not double up. There are so many choices of size, flavor, toppings and style. Of course there are the traditional fast food places like Wendy’s, Burger King and McDonald’s. Then you add in Carl’s Junior (new to me anyway) and In & Out and you have more fast food places. I have then got to cover the gourmet places like Zin Burger, Smash Burger, The Grind and Delux Burger. This is just a few that I just thought of… so many more possibilities we have yet to try. I am not going to get into which is my favorite, I don’t want to start a burger war!

4. Cooking for two

The last few years have been a whirlwind of travel back and forth to the US, around Australia and Asia for me. This has been amazing fun but has meant J. and I had little time in the one place at the same time and meant a lot of eating on the run for me. As you all know I love to cook but hate to cook for one so the thing I am enjoying most is being able to cook for 2 of us. I like spending the time thinking of something both J. and I will enjoy, testing and pushing our food boundaries. Cooking for 2 is much easier since I am no good at making small portions of things. Plus there is nothing like spoiling J. with good food!

5. Discovering new places

I have picked up and moved cities, states and countries a few times in my “young” life so moving to Arizona wasn’t too terrifying. One of the reasons that I love to live in new places is so I get to explore and discover so many things that I would never have if I had stayed where I was. J. and I are having so much fun discovering new places together, specifically restaurants. Places like the Gilbert Farmers Market, Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara, Beaver Choice and George’s Famous Gyros are just a few of our latest discoveries. We have a list of 20 other places we need to try… what great adventures we have ahead.

6. Cheap beer & wine

Yesterday I said I missed Australian beer and wine, and I do but the beer and wine here is sooo cheap I can easily drown my sorrows about the wine I’m drinking being from Oregon rather than Margaret River. Though I must say I have found some delicious Californian and Oregon wines, plus they have Sol (Mexican Beer) here and that is my favorite… it tastes like sunshine! (No, I haven’t been drinking)

7. Cost of living

Everything is cheaper here from clothing and gas to food and wine! A trip to the grocery store costs me half what it would cost me back in Melbourne. This makes cooking lots of different food and baking delicious treats much more cost effective. Eating out is generally cheaper here too even with a tip on top. It also helps that J. and I like the little cheap hole in the wall places like Lee’s and Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara.

8. 5 million tv channels

Cable/Satellite tv isn’t the norm back in Australia like it is here so the majority of Australians have had 5 channels up until the last year or two when with the new HD channels we have around 12. TV here is a completely different thing! I actually haven’t counted the channels we have but it feels like thousands. Sports, movies, comedy, travel and of course cooking shows. So many inspirations from Anthony Bourdain to Paula Deen to Bitchin’ Kitchen… lots of shows to give me ideas for cooking and eating. We will often watch a food show just before a meal to make sure we are super hungry!

9. Making new friends

Of course I miss my friends from home but I am pretty good at making friends so I have been hard at work trying to find friends. I think I will join a book club or something to help this along… not that I am worried because I have hijacked a few of J’s friends and they are going to be coming over for dinner really soon. So I will get my first Arizona dinner party. Well not really a dinner party but I get to cook food for a bunch of boys, it’s a start!

10. Workout buddy

J. and I being in the same place means we have a workout buddy! This is a very good thing – have you seen what I have been cooking!? We have both found it to be great fun heading to the gym or the track together and when one of us doesn’t feel like going the other tends to kick them up the butt!