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Sonoran DogWe’ve tried a Sonoran Hot Dog or two in the Phoenix area before but after seeing all the tv shows on El Geuro Canelo, I made it part of my mission to check it out while down in Tucson.
What I like about this place is that they have a small menu that focuses on a handful of items that they do well.  Carne asada burritos/tacos/tortas/caramelos, Sonoran Hot Dogs, and some Mexican-style beverages (aguas frescas, horchatas, cane-sugar Coke bottled in Mexico, that sort of thing).
I stuck with the Sonoran Hot Dogs and got a few to go for myself, including their Sammy, a Sonoran Hot Dog but with 2 bacon-wrapped hot dogs instead of just one.  Without diving in too much on what’s in a Sonoran Hot Dog, just keep in mind that it’s loaded… kind of like a Chicago-style dog.  Bolillo roll instead of a hot dog bun, hot dog wrapped in bacon, then filled with a ton of condiments including beans, mayo, mustard, tomato, and green salsa.
What makes El Guero Canelo great is their condiment/salsa bar.  Cebollas (grilled green onions), grilled jalapenos, red salsa, green salsa, pico de gallo (solid), avocado crema, radish, and limes.
The verdict – this place is solid.  Cheap dogs (a little more than $2 each, a little more than $3 for the sammy) and a quality condiment/salsa bar.  If they were open 24 hours a day, they’d make a killing with the drunk food crowd on weekends.
What am I trying next at this place?  Their carne asada burrito.  I saw someone take it back to their table and it looked like a nerf football.  You think Chipotle makes big burritos… that’s childs play.  I can put two of them down as a snack.  The burrito from El Guero Canelo looked significantly larger than what you get at Filiberto’s as well.
Until next time, do yourself a favor if you’re in the Tucson area to grab a dog from this place.  Especially if you need it to soak up some of that booze in your belly.

Sausage RollsWe are back from Hawaii with many adventures to share and food to write about, just give me a day or two to settle back in to real life! I wanted to put a quick repost in honor of tonight’s start of the NFL season. I now have 16 weeks of Sundays where J. will barely communicate ahead of me but we both love the game and of course the food that comes with it.

It is also finals time for Aussie Rules and NRL back home in Australia so it is fitting for my wonderful Aussie followers also.

So here is a favorite recipe and favorite footy food from Australia – the sausage roll! A delicious savory treat with ketchup, relish or bbq sauce on the side and of course the prerequisite beer.

Check out the original entry here – Aussie Footy Food!

Enjoy the recipe and the football – whatever code or team you might follow!

Lumihai BeachWhen this post goes live J. and I will be lying on a beach in Hawaii. We have 7 days and nights of relaxation planned or not planned as the case may be in Kauai. Though we don’t have any activities planned, besides lying on the beach, we do have our food plans well and truly under control.

As I have mentioned previously, J. is more often than not in charge of our eating arrangements when we travel. He researches, reads, studies and discusses all the possibilities. He has been responsible for finding some of the most unique, out of the way, hole in the wall, restaurants/foodtrucks/shacks that we have ever been lucky enough to try. He is always organized for our trips but when it comes to Kauai he has taken it to an entirely new level!

Here is the evidence – THE SPREADSHEET!


Puka DogA comprehensive document, organizing possible food choice by local. It details opening hours, location, whether they take cash only or credit card and possibly most importantly what kind of cuisine they serve. We have choices of traditional Hawaiian plate lunches, poke, seafood, burgers, Japanese and who knows what else. He has found us so many to choose from there is no way we will get to all of them!

We went to Kauai back in 2009 and discovered some amazing places to eat. They have made it Mark's Placeonto the spreadsheet, along with some of J’s new discoveries. The places I am looking forward to revisiting are Shrimp Station, Puka Dog, Mark’s Place and Hamura’s Saimin and a few others. The shrimp at Shrimp Station were delicious and amazing. I had never tasted anything like the hot dogs from Puka Dog. Mark’s Place and Hamura’s Saimin were just cool, low key locals joints.

Shrimp StationOf course J. has found us a whole new  group of places to try out. When we travel we try to stay away from the touristy places (although Puka Dog is definitely a popular destination) and go where the locals eat. Kauai, the second time around will be no different. I’m really looking forward to trying out Koloa Fish Market and also Chicken in a Barrel but there are so many other delicious options who knows what we will actually eat!

Hamura's Saimin

I’m sure as you are reading this we are either lying on a beach or eating some fabulously tastyfood! Stay tuned for Live from Kauai posts later this week!


Since I am busy having fun and celebrating the New Year in Australia I thought I would just post about posts. These are our Top Ten Recipe Posts and Top Ten Restaurant Posts as voted by you!

Just some light reading as you nurse your New Year’s hangovers.

Thanks for the support in 2012 and I look forward to much more deliciousness in 2013!

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I sat here thinking about these dogs and looking at the photo and didn’t know where to start. I thought I would go with a little history. Sonoran Dogs originated in Hermosillo, Mexico which is the capital of Sonora. They have since wandered over the border into Phoenix and Tucson, yet have strayed no further. So they can only be found here in Arizona or over the border in Sonora.

J. and I had never tried one, and after years of J. living in Arizona that is an unusual thing. We spent some time researching where to get them here in Chandler. We wanted to try one that came highly recommended and with great reviews to ensure our first experience was as good as possible.

The place we chose was, Moreno’s Mexican Grill, a neighborhood restaurant that we had driven by so many times, but never been in. When we would drive by, there was always a stream of smoke coming from the outside hot dog grill. So we rocked up one night, around 8pm, it was still busy with lots of people coming in and out but unfortunately the outside grill wasn’t in use since it was still over 100F degrees outside at the time. Luckily they were cooking the hot dogs inside still so we didn’t miss out.

We ordered a Sonoran dog each and a bunch of tacos to share. The tacos were really good but it is the Sonoran Dog I really wanted to try.

So let me describe this dog… it was a hot dog wrapped in mesquite-smoked bacon and then grilled until the bacon was crispy. This was topped with pico de gallo, this is finely chopped tomatoes and onions mixed together. Then on top of that was cheese, traditionally they use cotijo cheese, but I am not sure if that is what they used at Moreno’s of not. At this stage the dog is already large but there was still more to come.

On top of the pico de gallo, the cheese and the dog, they then added some pinto beans and spicy green salsa (most likely a tomatillo salsa). This was all the toppings but we now have to start on the condiments! The condiments were mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. All of this served on beautifully fresh bread with a huge fresh-roasted chilli on the side!

This was seriously the largest hot dog I have ever seen! The real challenge was working out how to eat it without getting it all over us. We weren’t successful in that but who cares.

You would imagine that with all those toppings and condiments it would be overwhelming, that you wouldn’t be able to even taste the dog at the bottom. This was not the case. The dog was delicious and smokey wrapped in the crispy bacon and all the toppings just seemed to add to it. The fresh pico de gallo added some crunch and the salsa had just the right amount of spice so as not to overtake everything else.

I have to admit that this was the first time I have had a hot dog with mayonnaise on it, yet this also seemed to work. I don’t know how to describe it but it was an amazing, amazing hot dog. Delicious, messy, juicy and spicy all in one. I really loved this but it is certainly not an everyday experience… more like once or twice a year only. We will be counting down the days until it is ok to have this treat again!