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New city, new job and n20140513-202943.jpgew kitchen… I’m back and a lot has changed since my last post. However some things haven’t and our loveof food, cooking and eating hasn’t. This week is a bit crazy at my new job, long hours, lots of politics and the prospect of working on Saturday. I came home from worktonight and really had major chocolate cravings. I was just going to buy some chocolate but instead thought I would bake.

Over the weekend my brother and I stumbled across a slice recipe that our Mum used to make for afternoon tea when we were young. Now, the slice is called Chinese Chews… I have know idea why and there is certainly nothing Chinese about them. My brother thought his Chinese wife would find the name hilarious. So I decided I would make this randomly named slice.20140513-194233.jpg

It was a very easy recipe and one I don’t think I have ever made. In a large bowl I mixed together 1 cup sugar, 1 cup mixed dried fruit, 1 self-raising flour, 1 cup desiccated coconut, 1 tablespoon cocoa. While I was combining the dry ingredients I had 125 grams of margarine melting.

When the butter was melted I added it to the dry ingredients along with an egg and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Then I just mixed it all together. It is quite a stiff mixture so I got my hands in there to finish combining it all.

20140513-194241.jpgI then pressed the mixture into a slice pan that I had lined with baking paper. You don’t need to grease the tin or line it but I did this so I could easily remove the slice. Once evenly and firmly pressed into the pan I popped it into a moderate oven for 20 minutes.

While it was baking I mixed together the butter icing. Check out my recipe here. When the slice was baked I iced it while it was still hot. The icing melts into the slice and makes it chewy and yummy. The final touch was just to sprinkle some coconut over the top.

I let it cool before tucking in… Organising lunches, dinner and cleaning up while it cooled.20140513-194251.jpg

Then it was ready…. One bite and I was 10 again. Chewy, chocolaty and full of fruit! I behaved and only ate one piece and will take a lot into work tomorrow but it was worth the effort of baking just for that one slice of Chinese Chews….



Fairytale Brownie.jpgOnce upon a time… a long time ago… in a land far far away… a boy and a girl met. Boy wanted to impress girl with sweet, delicious treats, girl was happy to be impressed.

These are the stuff of fairytales, magic and myth… of love, romance and decadence… (I’m talking about my love and romance with chocolate).

Fairytale Brownies

J. had these sent to me very early in our relationship when we were both still trying to impress each other… He told me that they were great, that I would love them. To be honest I was incredibly skeptical. Every brownie I had ever eaten was ok, it was yummy sure but nothing special. Brownies really aren’t such a big thing in Australia.

This spectacular box of brownies arrived at my, then, office. of course, I couldn’t wait until I got home to try them so I ripped Big brownies.jpgthem open right there and then. Inside were 12 individually wrapped brownies of varying flavors. As pretty as the packaging was I still didn’t believe they were as great as J kept saying.

I chose an original brownie to try first… I took a bite, my knees went weak, I quickly sat down. Oh my, these were the best thing I had ever tasted! How is this possible when they were sent across the Pacific all packaged up?

Ever since that first bite it has been true love, a love that will never die. I have brought back countless boxes from the US to Australia for gifts, for my family, for friends. They freeze incredibly well so we used to have a stash of them in our freezer in Australia.

Why are they so good you ask? They melt in your mouth, they are incredibly chocolaty, they are moist, rich and decadent, and last but certainly not least the different flavors are just genius!

  • Original – Belgian dark chocolate brownie
  • Walnut – Brownie piled walnuts
  • Pecan – Bursting with handfuls of fresh, crunchy pecan halves
  • Raspberry Swirl – Raspberry purée swirls through the chocolate brownie
  • Cream Cheese – Cream cheese swirled through the chocolate brownie
  • Toffee Crunch – Big chunks of crunchie toffee have been baked into the brownie
  • Caramel – A thin layer of caramel through the center of the chocolate brownie
  • Mint Chocolate – Mint flavored chocolate hand-drizzled over brownie
  • Espresso Nib – Filled with rich espresso flavor, sprinkled with crushed cocoa nibs
  • White Chocolate –Chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips inside and white chocolate drizzled on top
  • Peanut Butter – Yummy peanut butter swirled through the chocolate brownie
  • Choc Chip – Chocolate chips inside the brownie for some extra chocolate

Sprites.jpgI have to admit that I have tried every one of these at least twice but I do have my favorites. I am a huge fan of the toffee crunch and the cream cheese while J. loves the caramel brownie. I don’t particularly enjoy the walnut or pecan brownies but then if they were my only choices I would still eat them. To be honest I would eat all of them over and over and over again, and we have!

J. and I recently stocked up for our Holiday trip home to Australia. We got one large box of brownies to share with the family. We will cut these up and they will go a long way. We also got a box of brownie sprites which are half the size but perfect to give away as gifts. I don’t think my family is concerned with Christmas presents, as long as I bring them home some brownies.Toffee Crunch.jpg

They are too good to be true; you eat them and think it has to be a dream. So Fairytale Brownies has a fitting name, and they certainly helped J. in his attempts to impress me. A little Phoenix based shop that delivers around the world… perfect!

I have to wait until Christmas for my next bite though… so I’m going to close my eyes and think about them for a little while now…

And they lived happily ever after… (me and the brownies)

We are heading to Las Vegas for the weekend and are actually driving for the first time. We usually fly but 4 of us a piling in the car and driving up later today. In preparation for our 6 hour road trip to Vegas I made some sweet snacks for me and the boys. I wanted to make something quick and easy to eat. I had introduced J. to “slices” back in Australia, they seemed like a foreign concept to him. There are all kinds of slices, lemon, custard, chocolate, coconut… just to name a few. I decided I would make a Passionfruit and Coconut Slice to class up what was definitely going to be an interesting road trip.

This was something I had never made J. before and simple enough that his 2 mates who were road tripping with us wouldn’t be scared to try it out.

In a large bowl I combined all the dried ingredients… 3/4 cup of sugar, 1 cup of self-raising flour, and 1 cup of coconut. I mixed these well so they were thoroughly combined.

While I was doing that I was melting 125 grams of butter on the stove. Which I added to the dry ingredients when it had completely melted. After stirring this in I added 2 eggs that I had beaten separately before adding and last thing to go in was 1/2 cup of milk.

When all of this was stirred together I poured the mixture into a lined and greased pyrex dish. Again this is because we don’t have a slice tin or brownie pan which I would normally make this in. I then put it into a 350F degree oven for 25 minutes.

When the slice was in the oven I prepared the passionfruit part of the slice… Passionfruit Butter Cream. This is so easy and probably one of the best butter creams I make. 2 cups of confectioners sugar combined with 2 heaped tablespoons of butter and 1/2 a cup of passionfruit nectar. I had the passionfruit nectar left over in the freezer from the pavlova I made a whileback. I mixed this together until completely combined and put it in the fridge to set for a little while.

When the slice was cooked I took it out of the dish and let it cool. Once cool I spread the butter cream across the top and allow it to set. I had toasted some coconut earlier and sprinkled a little of this across the top to make it look pretty.

I then just cut it up into bite size pieces and pack it up for the road trip later today. I taste tested a piece of course to make sure it tasted ok. I think it was yummy… I like the coconut and passionfruit combination and the toasted coconut on top breaks up the sweetness of the passionfruit butter cream. I liked it a lot but I will have to let you know what the boys thought of it. Time to pack now.

This is one of my brother Michael’s Photos by the way.

I love Melbourne. It is a beautiful, diverse and exciting city. Full of great people, shopping, food, sport and bars. I loved my apartment and living in the centre of the city but we all do crazy things occassionally, so I moved to Arizona. I am learning to love  my new home and I am so happy I moved here, it was certainly the right choice but there are things I miss about Melbourne.

Strangely they are all food/drink related… This is just the top ten.

1. Meat Pies

As you may have realised from one of my earlier posts about Meat Pies, I love them. Seriously they are my favorite food, not just my favorite Australian food, my all time, last meal kind of food. These aren’t something I can get in my new home, whereas in Melbourne there were 10 places within 2 minutes walk of my apartment that I could get a vast array of flavors, meats, styles and more from. I just have to make them myself and turn Arizonians onto the joy of meat pies!

2. Good Coffee

Melbourne is a city of cafes. You can barely walk half a block without passing one in downtown Melbourne. The thing I love about this is that 99% of these cafes serve an above average coffee. Some of them will serve outstanding coffee. I miss those options, I miss cafes that aren’t Starbucks and coffees that taste good. I have pretty much given up coffee since moving here which isn’t a bad thing… less caffeine is better for me.

3. Walking

I walked everywhere in Melbourne, I didn’t have a car so I didn’t have much choice. Living in the centre of the city certainly helped but I loved to wander around the city on a weekend. Grab a coffee, walk down to the Botanical Gardens, meet some friends at a pub for lunch. All on foot. The only walking I do these days is to the car and back, and at the gym. Mind you I am enjoying being lazy!

4. Al Fresco Dining

All over Australia we have an outside, active lifestyle. I spent so much time in sidewalk cafes, beer gardens and on restaurant balconies during the warmest months in Melbourne. Even during the grey, cold winter I would sit under braziers with a coffee or glass of wine, enjoying a great meal. Though there are some options here in Arizona for Al Fresco Dining, they are few and far between and the summer certainly sends us all indoors rather than outside. However the places with outdoor areas have those fabulous misters to keep us cool… I do like that!

5. The Queen Victorian Markets

I mentioned these markets earlier this week actually but I do miss them so much!! The incredible range of meat, fish, cheeses, vegetables and so much other stuff. Not to mention the bratwursts!! Nothing beats the brats there.

6. Supermarkets

This may seem like a strange one but this is because everything is different in Arizona. I miss a supermarket where not only do I know where everything is, I know the brands, the names that I am familiar with. It is just a matter of learning new ones and finding new favorites but I do miss the familiarity.

7. Bakeries

Bakeries are one of my favorite places… the smell of fresh baked bread is unbeatable. I would seriously where a perfume that smelled like that. Bakeries at home aren’t just bread but a smorgasbord of sweet treats like custard slice, apple slice, cream buns. Then the savory treats like meat pies and sausage rolls, not to mention the fresh sandwiches that many bakeries will make. Yum, yum, yum.

8. Cooking in Celcius

This is really silly I know, but having to always do conversions is really annoying!

9. Beer & Wine

I am learning about and discoving new beers and wine here in Arizona but I miss my favorites. I am a big fan of Australian microbrews like Beez Neez, James Squire, and so many more. I also love Australian wines which aren’t readily available here. Smaller wineries’ produce just doesn’t make it to Costco. I am limited to things like Yellowtail and Jacobs Creek. I may be wrong but I don’t think these are the best Australian wines out there!

10. Dinner Parties with Friends

I was lucky enough that when I moved back to Melbourne from Japan many of my close friends had moved into the same downtown area. I had my dearest and nearest within walking distance! We would get together at eachothers houses, at restaurants, bars and cafes for dinner parties and gatherings quite often. I love hosting dinner parties! I am making new friends now, so hopefully there is a dinner party, Arizona style, on the horizon…. maybe this weekend!

This morning J. and I had a free Saturday morning. We weren’t meeting friends to run, we didn’t have a million chores to do and we weren’t too exhausted to leave the house. This combination rarely occurs so we thought we would go out and explore Gilbert Farmers Market, not far away from our place.

Anyone who knows Melbourne, knows that we are completely spoilt with one of the best markets in the Southern Hemisphere, the Queen Victoria Markets. These open air markets are hard to compete with and I knew I wouldn’t find anything similar here in Phoenix but I was hoping the Gilbert Markets would offer some farm fresh fruit and veggies and other goodies.

The markets were fun, they were small but there were a couple of fresh fruit and vegetable stalls where we got somegreat produce. There were places selling meat (organic, grain fed), cheese, pickles and pastries. We stopped at one place and bought a quiche for a us to nibble on. J. bit into it and realised we really needed to heat it up, so that will be a snack for us later on today. We bought some loose leaf tea, jasmine oolong tea. We have a nightly routine in winter of finishing the night off with a pot of tea and had run out of supplies brought from Australia. I was really happy to find that stuff. There was also an Italian bakery stall where we bought a loaf of semolina bread, to see if I have found another place for us to get delicious bread.

Our favorite stall was Grandma’s Kitchen. This stall had an assortment of “jellies” or “jams”. We taste tested nearly all of them but were incredibly impressed with the habanero jam. Sweet and spicy all at the same time, it will be a great accompaniment with cheese and crackers. We actually went back to this place and bought a couple of extra bottles for gifts.

After the markets we wanted to get some lunch. None of the stalls or food trucks at the markets really had anything we craved so we thought we would just stop by Tortas Ahogadas on the way to do our grocery shopping. This plan was changed when we drove past a park with signs saying “Art & Vintage Car Show with Gourmet Food Trucks”. We thought we would give it a go, plus J. got to look at some Ferraris.

There were a 7 foodtrucks to choose from… icecream, crepes, philly cheesesteaks, burgers, hawaiian food, soba noodles, fry bread… we chose what we thought would have the most interesting and tasty food. Since J. said Philly steaks were boring I went with the fry bread truck, Emerson Fry Bread and he went with the Hawaiian food, Island Loco.

Fry bread is an Artisan Native American fried dough, I found it similar to a tortilla or pita bread. There were lots of options to choose from and I decided I would go with the one they were promoting as a “healthy choice”, the Daisey. This meant my fry bread was actually not fried but rather what they call dry. I thought this was a better option. The Daisey was grilled steak, cheese, spring mix, cucumber, tomato & creme fresh on the flat bread. The server handed it to me and told me to eat it like a taco.

The steak was marinated beautifully, with such amazing flavor. The fry bread was soft and delicious and all the topping were fresh and crunchy. For a quick lunch from a food truck I was really happy. Fresh, delicious and filling … the best things.

J. couldn’t order anything but the Kalua Pork Plate lunch at Island Loco. We loved this stuff when we were in Hawaii and it isn’t something you find very often. The pork came with rice and macaroni salad. There is something about Hawaiian style macaroni salad that takes us back to the beaches of Kauai. It is one of those strange comfort foods that reminds you of awesome vacations and delicious lunches by the beach. J. has had his share of Kalua pork and he said this was as soft, tender and flavorsome as any he has had. If they had have had ahi poke it would save us our next trip to Hawaii.

After we had lunch we wandered through the vintage cars and art. The cars were pretty cool and I know J. enjoyed looking at them. This was a great and unexpected little detour but we got food and that always makes us happy. We then headed off to do grocery shopping with our bellies full and a new market to visit once in a while.

I spent last Friday in the kitchen. I was craving chocolate but none of my recipes for cakes or cookies were inspiring me. I had a craving for something that I couldn’t put my finger on so I thought, stuff it, I’ll wing it! I didn’t refer to any other recipes I just kind of decided to make it up as I went along… and from this was born my Chocolate Cookie & Peanut Butter Sandwich! Ok, so I might need to work on the name.

First up was the cookie. I wanted a rich chocolate cookie that was thin and crispy so it wouldn’t go mushy once the peanut butter filling was added. Be warned this recipe makes a lot of cookies, about 50 individual cookies before you join them into sandwiches.

In a large bowl I put 250 grams of softened unsalted butter and 2 cups of sugar. I created a giant mess but managed to beat this until it was light and fluffy. I then added 2 large eggs, beating them in one a time until they were completely combined. Next I added 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence. And that part was done.

In another bowl I sifted 2 cups of self-raising flour, a pinch of salt and 1/2 a cup of dutch cocoa. I then slowly added the sifted dry ingredients into the egg and sugar mixture. I kept beating as I went making sure each bit of flour was beaten in before adding more.

When all of this had been combined I spooned teaspoons of the mixture onto greased cookie sheets, placing them far apart because these were going to spread and flatten out. Then they went into a preheated 350F degree oven for 9 minutes. Well first they went in for 8 and they were too soft and then 10 and they started to burn so I settled on 9 minutes.

While these were cooking I started on the “sandwich” filling for these. I didn’t just want to slather peanut butter between each cookie so I had to make a peanut butter frosting.

In a bowl I combined 100 grams of butter, 2 cups of icing sugar (confectioners sugar) and 1 cup of peanut butter. As I was mixing this together I added about 2 tablespoons of water to help bring it together to a consistency I was happy with.

By the way, this frosting was really yummy – it kind of tasted like the filling from Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Once my cookies had cooled from the oven it was time to sandwich them together. First off I made sure they were matched up around the same sizes. I put 1 heaped tablespoon of filling onto a cookie and roughly smoothed it out. Then I just pressed the second cookie down onto it making sure the filling didn’t overflow too much from the cookies. That was it! Taste test time!

I was so happy with these. I couldn’t believe they turned out so well and tasted so good. The real test was when J. got home from work and had one. He loved them, he told a mate the next day “they were sooo good”… that’s always a ringing endorsement. I think these will definitely be refined a little but I am onto something good. Now I just need a name – Anyone have a suggestion?

On lazy nights, when neither of us want to cook and we just want to grab something quick, we have so many choices it is dizzying. Close to us we have Wendy’s, Burger King, Carl’s Junior, McDonald’s and In & Out Burger. This is just the fast food burger places without even touching on the others like Filiberto’s or KFC. As much as I may crave and want these choices I prefer to make a healthier, fresher choice and more significantly a cheaper choice, Lee’s Sandwiches.

Lee’s is a Vietnamese restaurant/bakery/cafe/take out place just around the corner from us. They do a huge menu of sandwiches and baguettes as well as croissants. It is a great place to pick up some crusty baguettes for home made garlic bread or just for dipping in soup. However J. and I have taken a liking to their banh mi (Vietnamese rolls).

There are 18 different kinds of banh mi on their menu and we are working our way through them. Though it is alittle difficult for us to stray from any of the pork options. The pork is just too good to pass up.

My favorite and the one I keep going back to is the #6. This is their BBQ pork roll which is so refreshing and delicious. Thin strips of BBQ pork , carrot, cucumber, onion, topped with chillies and cilantro. All of this goes on their freshly bake baguettes. They bake them right there, you can sit and watch the baguettes go around. They have the perfect crusty outside and soft fluffy inside and are the best vessel for the deliciously fresh vegetables and pork.

J. recently tried the #18 which is pork and cured pork. Of course he chose a pork on pork sandwich! He was really happy with it and said it was just as good as all the others we had tried. The meat filling changes in each sandwich but you still get the carrot, cucumber, onion, chillies and cilantro no matter what. That freshness is what makes them so good.

Of course we still have a few more to try but so far we haven’t had a bad one. Even the night we went and they had run out of baguettes and we had the croissants instead, we couldn’t complain.

The thing that amazes me about this place is that it is so cheap. Banh mi for the two of us costs a little more than $6.00 and that is a meal for us! You just have to love that. Lee’s is a chain and there are locations in California, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma and of course Arizona.

I am so happy they are literally just around the corner.. it definitely helps me make a healthier fast food choice. Not  that I will stay away from other options completely but it is great to have a fast, fresh and completely yummy choice too! All for a bargain price of $6!!!

Today I write of failure, my lofty goals not met. Usually failure will leave a bitter taste in my mouth but this one left the sweetest, most delicious taste. I more often than not make imperfect things with lots of mistakes in the kitchen, the chocolate pudding for example had sunk in the center, the Anzac biscuits were too flat. However this was worse than anything I had done before. It didn’t even come close to representing a true Lilikoi Chiffon Pie, yet somehow is still tasted great!

A few years ago J. and I went to Kauai, Hawaii to celebrate our 30th birthdays. It was such an amazing trip, beautiful surroundings, great beaches and fabulous food! I am sure I will do some retrospective blogs about our time on the island at some stage but this blog is about my attempt to recreate a little taste of the island at home in Arizona.

At a small noodle restaurant, Hamura’s Saimin we discoved the sweet deliciousness that is Lilikoi pie. This is a pie made predominantly out of passionfruit and eggs. It was light, fluffy and amazing! Although passionfruit are impossible to find here in Phoenix, I had brought some canned passionfruit nectar over from Australia to use at different times (pavlova uses some passionfruit on top). I decided a few weeks ago I would make the pie we had eaten a couple of years ago.

I researched recipes and found one I liked, I am not going to share it here because it didn’t work (not the recipes fault), but I will share it once I have succeeded.

Instead of a light fluffy filling for my pie I ended up with a sticky, thick jello like filling. I would like to blame the eggs, maybe they were a bit old and the egg whites didn’t fluff up enough… or I could blame the bowl I whipped them in, maybe it was a bit greasy and that affected the egg whites forming stiff peaks.

To be completely honest, I think I got a bit impatient and that added to the issue. The egg whites weren’t fluffy enough and the egg yolk and passionfruit custard wasn’t thick enough. However my store bought graham cracker crust was perfect. At least something worked out.

Fortunately the filling set even though it wasn’t light and fluffy, and we were able to eat it. Whatever the cause of my failure it was not the same amazing eating experience we had in Kauai but it was still delicious. The fill was sweet and the passionfruit flavour was so refreshing, we ate every last bite.

Here is a what real Lilikoi Pie should look like. I hate failure but think perfection is overated, imperfection is much more interesting, at least that is what I am telling myself today. I will attempt to make this again, I will not be defeated… I hope that next time though I can write about the sweet taste of sucess!

I have had a weekend of cooking inspired by Autumn, which is strange since Autumn has barely arrived here in Phoenix and has such little affect on the temperature, trees and surrounds one might barely notice.

First up there was the Spicy Vegetable Soup for dinner Saturday night, and then Sunday night I decided to make a Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding as a surprise dessert for J. I chose this dessert in particular because we are having friends over on Friday night who aren’t as adventurous as we are when it comes to food and this dessert offers no unusual food challenges… and it is delicious!

In a bowl cream together 100 grams of softened unsalted Pudding mixture.jpgbutter and 1/2 a cup of sugar. Beat until it is pale and fluffy. Gradually beat in 2 eggs and 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence. Beat until completely combined.

In a separate bowl sift together 1 cup of self-raising flour, 2 heaped tablespoons of cocoa and a pinch of salt. Slowly fold this into the egg and sugar mixture. Be gentle. Alternate between dry ingredients and adding 3 tablespoons of milk. Fold until completely combined. Place the pudding mixture in a greased ovenproof dish.

It is incredibly easy to make the self-saucing part of this recipe. In a small bowl combine 1/2 a cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon of cocoa. Mix together until combined. Carefully sprinkle this across the top of the pudding mixture, spreading it evenly and gently over the top. Gently pour 1 1/2 cups of boiling water over the top until the sugar and cocoa mixture is completely covered.

All done! Now just bake it in a preheated 180C degree oven for 30 minutes. A crunchy crust should form on top of the pudding.

It is best served with vanilla icecream but we didn’t have any in the freezer Sunday night. We will have to get some for our dinner on Friday night since J. thinks our friends will really love this. It is rich, warm, gooey and the slight crunch the crust on the top offers makes for such a variety of textures. Perfect for a cool autumn evening or for any night really!

I was doing some cooking today of things to freeze for dinners and lunches over the next couple of weeks. I had made and frozen some meatballs and thought with the remaining ground beef I would make some burgers for J. and I for dinner tonight. This was a great idea except I didn’t want to go out and buy bread rolls. I thought why not make my own!

Well the difficulty here comes when I realise I don’t actually have any yeast. This is going to limit what bread I can make. I have previously made soda bread and thought I could do this but make rolls instead of one big loaf. This is fast and easy and I really love the crunchy crust on the outside. It is a heavier bread inside though so I will have to see how it works with burgers.

The recipe I use for this is an adaption or amalgamation of several different recipes I have used over the years.

My oven is preheating to 425 F (it takes a while so I did this before I even started on the dough). I a large bowl I put 4 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar and I whisk it all together. In another small bowl I beat an egg and then add 1 3/4 cups of milk and 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar.

I form a well in the dry ingredients and then add the wet. Using the whisk I start to bring the dough together. It is really difficult to combine so I always end up using my hands. It doesn’t have to be a completely smooth dough, it is rough and rustic looking which I also like.

When it has formed a dough I cut it into 4 even pieces (this will make 4 large rolls) and shape them so that they are roundish. I grease a square cake tin to bake them in. If I use a flat tray the dough will spread too much and won’t keep the shape I want. Into the oven then for 35 minutes. I turned them around after 20 just so that they browned evenly.

The smell in the house is fantastic when they come out of the oven and they are delicious with butter and honey while still hot. I haven’t made the burgers yet so I will do a post about them later, fingers crossed the rolls work. If J. happens to read the blog this afternoon before getting home I guess dinner won’t be a surprise anymore. Oh well… the bread will be yummy though, let’s hope the burgers are too!