20131023-151549.jpgSo I’m scanning yahoo the other day and came across this really easy Mexican dessert recipe.  I took a quick look at the list of ingredients and saw that there was cheese involved with the dessert which sounded interesting… plus one of the comments on the bottom mentioned that the consistency/texture is similar to flan, but with nowhere near the amount of calories which really started to get my attention.
Talk about one of the more simple recipes out there!  I’ve included the info below:
2 eggs
2 cups milk
3 tablespoons sugar
5 ounces of Mexican/Latin cheese (I went with a mixture of cojita cheese and queso fresco which you can find in any latin grocery store)
 Butter to spread on the baking dish20131023-151534.jpg
I mixed the eggs, milk, sugar, and cojita cheese/queso fresco in a blender but I also added some cayenne pepper just to give it a little heat with the sweet of the sugar and the saltiness of the cheese.  I then preheated the oven to 350F andrubbed the butter along the bottom and sides/corners of a square glass pyrex dish.
Threw in the blended mixture and placed it in the oven for 40 minutes or until the top was golden brown.  Let it stand to cool then I threw it in the fridge with a cover.
20131023-151525.jpgAfter a few hours, I had some for dessert that night and it really was like flan but a little bit more “chunky” because of thecojita cheese.  I thought it tasted great but I might be a little bias!  If you think you’d like a cheesy kind of flan, then give it a try.  The cayenne gave it a nice kick but I would enjoy it without the pepper as well.  I even put some in a bowl and threw on some chocolate syrup which gave it a nice chocolate flavor as well.
  1. Looks like a great substitute for flan. During Lent, make it with bread and you have capirotada. Yum.

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  3. andmorefood says:

    that’s a very small amount of sugar in there -sounds really interesting coupled with the pepper! does it taste like egg custard?

    • It kinda does but with a nice salty kick from the cojita cheese and queso fresco. The sugar amount was just right and didn’t overpower it. The cayenne was just a personal preference for a little spice with the sweet and salty.

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  5. meg says:

    I love cojita, this recipe looks great!

  6. Lisa Redfern says:

    This sounds GREAT…especially with the cayenne pepper!.

  7. Vinny Grette says:

    What kind of cheese did you use? Is it like a mascarpone or a brie or a cottage cheese? We have no latin stores here…

  8. Oh I love dessert. And cheese. I need this.

  9. Cheese! In a dessert! This has made me very happy!

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