Time to eatBeing the foodie in our office has lead to me bringing in cakes for birthdays. Fortunately we have a staff of 6 so it doesn’t happen too often. Earlier in the year I made a Mum’s Sticky Chocolate cake for everyone which was a huge success. This time around I gave the birthday girl a few choices and she went with the Triple Chocolate Marble Mud Cake… well really, who wouldn’t!?

Step 1

The only problem… I had never made it before! How difficult could it be.

In a small pan I combined 250 grams of chopped, unsalted butter, 2 cups of caster sugar, and 1 cup of hot water. I mixed this until it was all melted and combined. Then I just set this aside to cool for 15 minutes and got on with the rest of the recipe.

Base mixture

While it was cooling I melted 150 grams of white chocolate in a bowl and in another bowl I melted 150 grams of dark chocolate. I used 70% dark so that it wasn’t too sweet. There is so much sugar in this recipe already I didn’t think I need extra in the chocolate. I then set these aside.

Going back to my sugar, butter and water mixture I whisked in 1 cup of plain flour, 1 1/2 cups of self raising flour and a teaspoon of vanilla. I added 2 eggs that I had already lightly beaten and whisked everything together. Now the tricky part… I had to divide the mixture into 2 equal parts, putting them in separate bowls. After a bit of back and forth, I think I got pretty close.

Two mixtures

To the halved mixture I added the melted white chocolate to one and the melted dark chocolate to the other. I just quickly mixed the chocolate into each mixture and the cake was ready to assemble.


In my large cake tin I spooned a spoonful of the white mixture in one corner and then next to it a spoonful of the dark mixture. It was easy just alternating between the two, layering them on top of eachother, until the mixtures were completely gone.

This went into a preheated 150C degree over for 1 3/4 hours. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, well relatively easy. I then just sat back with a glass of wine and waited for it to cook.

Cream and chocolate - Copy

When I opened the oven I discovered it may not have been as easy as I thought. The middle of the cake had sunk! Oh well, that was what the ganache was for… to fill up the large crater in the cake.


I turned it out and let it cool. Of course as it cooled the center dropped more… What could I do? More room ganache is what I say!

When it was cool and ready to coat in ganache, I quickly combined in my double boiler 300 grams of milk chocolate and 3/4 cup of thickened cream. I slowly melted these together over a low simmering pot of water. I stirred this continuously until the chocolate had completely melted and was combined with the cream.

I took it off the heat and set it aside. As I was preparing the cake I realized that the square cake didn’t quite fit in my round Sunken but deliciouscake carrier… being the ideas woman I am, I angled off the corners to make a shape that would fit in the container… Later people in the office commented on how cool it looked – I didn’t tell them it was purely to get it to fit, not make it look pretty.

The ditch

My cake now fit in the container, it was time to ganache it! I poured my ganache onto the cake and filled up the huge crater in the center. I then smoothed it down and around the edges until it was completely covered. It looked great! You couldn’t even tell that the cake looked like it had been hit by a meteor. A few quick decorations with fresh strawberries and I was done!

I held my breath when we cut it in the office, praying that it was actually marbled and that the puddle of ganache wouldn’t run off the cake like a waterfall. Luckily it didn’t!


The best news is that everyone in the office, including the birthday girl loved it. The cake is moist, dense and incredibly rich (especially the parts in the center with an inch of ganache on top). The cake was an afternoon snack for everyone for the rest of the week. I even managed to sneak J. home a slice. He really liked it, he thinks the texture is like a soft, dense cookie.

For a first attempt at this recipe I think I did well. It wasn’t as great as my mum’s but I rarely make her recipes as well as she does. It was a hit and it was delicious, I couldn’t really ask for more but I think I will need a little more practice to be able to make it as easily and as well as I make my Mum’s Sticky Chocolate.

Close up of marbling

  1. This looks amazing and deliciously decadent! Keep the recipes coming 🙂

  2. sallymscott says:

    As one of the colleagues who enjoyed it, I have to concur that it was delicious. It was so rich that it one could it only in small quantities. One evening I took a piece home, microwaved it, and had it with fresh raspberries–yum!

  3. Cucina Amore says:

    This sounds great! Adding to my list 😉

  4. ohlidia says:

    Nothing more needs to be said… your photograph says it all!

  5. andmorefood says:

    my god, triple chocolate. looks so delicious!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog….I think I will have to give this chocolate cake a try. 😉

  7. bevchen says:

    Oh wow… that looks amazing! It makes me little four-ingredient Mississippi Mud Pie seem positively boring 😉

    Ah, that sinking feeling when you see a huge crater in the middle of your cake… I know it well!

  8. I think this is the first cake recipe I’ve ever seen with water as a main ingredient. Love your ‘can do’ attitude!

  9. SandyLand says:

    This is the cake that dreams are made of.

  10. Amy @healthy and fit for real says:

    Wow! This looks amazing!

  11. munchers09 says:

    My thighs just grew two sizes looking at it!
    looks wonderfully sinful!!

  12. knicole001 says:

    mmmm this looks so good!

  13. Looks soooooooooooo good!

  14. hazhunt5 says:

    So yummy sounding. I have never tried to make a cake like this but I might just have to give it a go. Plus I always wanted to make something with gnash and now I think I have found it. Yummy sounding!!!

  15. theeventbeat says:

    that looks amazing! tomorrow is my bday and i want one of those!!!!

  16. kinseydrake says:

    Oh my goodness that looks incredible. I need to make this to indulge my chocoholic side ASAP!

  17. Laura says:

    YUMMMMM, looks so delicous!

  18. Abbi says:

    Looks delicious!

  19. Oh wow, I’m so tempted to try this.

  20. This looks so good, making my mouth water!

  21. KerryCan says:

    That looks over-the-top good!

  22. The marble looks so cool! The cubes in the first pic is so mouth watering

  23. Oh my — wish I was there to have a bite!

  24. Putputt says:

    Omgosh, this looks beautiful!

  25. I’m going to need you to come work for our office please!

  26. Janet Rörschåch says:

    That looks like a cake that is now a ghost. It looks simply decadent!

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