Fantastic advice for travelling foodies from Sonia at Sonia Jones Travel! This is something J. and I always try to do – eat with the locals, eat where it is busy and be adventurous.

Sonia Jones Travel

Tip Number 4: Eat Busy.

It is often tricky to find that balance between the safe option of eating in your hotel or launching yourself into the unknown of local food stalls and restaurants. My golden rule is always to “eat busy” – if it’s packed with locals, it’s got to be OK. It doesn’t matter how clean or inviting a place looks, if there isn’t another soul in sight – or if the only diners are tourists – then go elsewhere!

I love going to small, intimate places and asking other people what they are eating or what the house speciality is. Be game, be brave and be bold! You might be surprised at what you discover…


Sampling local fare at an izakaya (pub) in Japan.


Escargot (snails) in the Loire Valley, France… not bad! 


My husband with a plate of Parma ham and salami in Parma, Italy. “Buonissimo!”

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  1. mrsspaghetti says:

    That’s the fun of traveling, getting out and eating your way through a new city. That’s sometimes the only reason I go!

  2. Edey says:

    Reblogged this on Limin'n'Stylin' Caribbean Style and commented:
    Top 6 Travel Tips : Eat Busy! Love finding foodies online as they offer their tips, check it out!

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