Mushrooms and Polenta.jpgThis was a ridiculous thing to cook in the middle of summer in Arizona. With the sun beating down and the temperature rising to over 115 degrees, I decided I wanted to try making Wild Mushrooms with Cheesy Polenta. A nice light, easy meal to eat in the overwhelming heat!

J. and I shopped up a storm at Wholefoods and Lee Lee’s Asian Market to get as many different varieties of mushrooms we could find. We went a little crazy getting shitake, portobello, oyster, button, and enoki mushrooms. I knew that this was going to be delicious.

Once home from our mushroom adventure I started by cleaning all the mushrooms. J. finely diced some garlic (about 3 cloves) and 2 large shallots. We then both worked on slicing mushrooms. This took us a long time since we had gone crazy with the mushroom purchasing but we eventually made it through.

In an extremely large pan (you could use a wok – we used a deep skillet) I added 2 tablespoons of olive oil and brought it to a high heat. Once the pan was hot I added the dices garlic and shallots, slightly caramelizing these before adding the mushrooms (largest first and then adding more as they started to cook). I also added in some fresh thyme and oregano at this stage to boost up that flavor some more.

Once the mushrooms had started to cook down I added 1/4 cup of white wine and 1/4 cup of veggie stock. I let this cook until it had started to thicken, seasoning it at that stage with salt and pepper. The final stage of the mushrooms was to add 1 tablespoon of butter to finish it all off. Delicious.

While we were working on the mushrooms I had cooked the polenta just as the box told me to do. To the cooked polenta I added 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese that had been grated. You can add butter and cheese to your liking… we made it very cheesy. Then I just seasoned the polenta again and we were ready to eat.

This was a hearty, rich, creamy dinner. We both absolutely loved it. The mushrooms were really well cooked, full of flavor with that delicious mushroom wine broth. The polenta was so cheesy, it was probably clogging arteries but I could have eaten a bowl just of polenta.

We made far too much and ate far to many bowls of it. It really is the perfect winter dinner when you want something without meat but still filling and delicious. We will definitely make it again but wait until the endless heat of the Arizonan summer disappears and we can stop eating salads.

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  2. SP @ Third Culture Cooking says:

    You were brave to even go anywhere near the stove in 115 degree weather! Looks like it was worth it though, delicious!

  3. Spatoola says:

    That looks so amazingly good!

  4. Lisa Redfern says:

    mmm….my mouth was watering just imagining it!

  5. Good Butter says:

    Thanks for following! I love this post, there’s a vegetarian restaurant near me (Mana Food Bar, Chicago) and they serve this dish. With pecorino in the polenta. Gah, it’s so delicious!

  6. Victoria says:

    Yum, this looks amazing!!

  7. nita says:

    Mmmm, this dish looks absolutely delish! I love anything polenta!

  8. Sarah says:

    Mushrooms, herbs and wine would be fabulous on their own… but with cheesy polenta! And luckily it doesn’t get anything like as hot here as in Arizona, so I won’t need to wait until winter to try this out.

  9. sonoverde says:

    Grazie for reminding me of a packet of polenta in the pantry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This looks like something Mr.Picky would enjoy. Going to have to give this a try.

  11. i just made mushrooms today as a side dish to my chicken and salad.

  12. Looks fantastic and tasty!!!

  13. Two of my loved ingredients can go very well together! Looks amazing.

  14. Polenta with mushrooms – one of my favorites!

  15. jkozarsky says:

    That sounds delicious! And who cares if it’s summer or winter when you want mushrooms with polenta – I have been known to make soup allllll summer long! Granted I live in Atlanta, where it’s so hot and humid that we tend to stay inside with our AC blasting.. and you just get cold.

  16. oh mushrooms. soooo yum! You should try adding some thyme to the mushrooms while they cook (at the beginning if it’s dried), really adds to the wine and yumminess.

    your posting is so easy to veganize, too. Thanks for posting!

  17. I had a good laugh reading about this dish in the heat of summer but concede it is a delicious dish and when the craving strikes…. I usually make polenta with corn meal stirred into cold water and milk (half and half) – mixing it in with the cold liquid prevents it from clumping up. Then I cook till thick (like porridge) and finish with a knob of butter and grated Parmesan cheese. Leftovers can be cooled and sliced into thick slices and fried up for next night’s dinner.

    Thanks for checking out my blog – new to the blogosphere so it’s comforting to know the winds of web blew you my way!

  18. annascuisine says:

    It looks yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. dearheartless says:

    looks yummylicious to me ๐Ÿ™‚ i really love mushy mushrooms. โค

  20. sarahjmir says:

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for dropping by, enabled me to check out your awesome blog!

  21. Wonderfully delicious looking dish. I love mushrooms and varieties used are so~ delectable.

  22. OMG I Am officially in LOVE with this blog because all of these mushrooms!!!! And the scallops and everything else I see! Great stuff!

  23. mitchell-james says:

    Haha, love your comment ” … but I could have eaten a bowl just of polenta’
    Nice to know I’m not alone in that one!

    The mushrooms look beautiful – this is a perfect recipe for the Aussie winter at the moment. Comfort food to the max ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Next time, use chicken stock when making your polenta, and finish with a tad of white truffle oil. Season with a bit of fleur de sel, and voila! You’ll love it even more!

  25. foodsnob86 says:

    I love them both! Looks yum!

  26. gardeningvix says:

    Oh oh oh that sounds like pure heaven! Defo will be trying that xxx

  27. Trit says:

    As anybody would know if they take a gander at my blog, I tend to ignore the whole seasonal meal thing-partly because I’m still new to the whole cooking thing (as much as I love it!), and partly because with air-conditioning-you can make any time feel like winter!

  28. Bahahaha. Still, does look damn fine though and sometimes a salad just doesn’t do it!

  29. judilyn says:

    I make polenta (with and without cheese) in my rice cooker with great results. I use the “porridge” setting, and stir it a couple of times while it does its thing; the cooker does the rest of the work. I think maybe a “secret” is that the rice cooker lets the grain soak in the liquid for a while before bringing it to a boil. Somehow this seems to work wonders. Keeps the kitchen cool, too! Really good with poached eggs. If you haven’t already seen them, take a look at my two blog entries for polenta and poached eggs. Search on poach at ย

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