Chocolate Raspberry Muffin.jpgAfter making the banana muffins last weekend I was inspired into a little more muffin madness. For Valentine’s Day I decided to bake up a batch of Raspberry Chocolate Muffins for J. and I to take into our offices.

This is another Australian Institute of Sport recipe my mother commandeered and just unbelievably delicious!

In a large bowl I sifted 2½ cups of self-raising flour, ¼ cup of good cocoa and ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. I then added in ¾ cup of caster sugar (super fine sugar) and mixed all of this together.

The recipe says to add a ½ cup of Dark Choc Bits but I am not a huge dark chocolate fan so I added in ¾ cup of milk chocolate bits. What harm could a little bit extra chocolate do!?Dry Ingredients.jpg

I mixed all of this together and made a well in the center (pretty much the same instructions as the banana muffins I made earlier in the week).

In a small bowl I melted 1 tablespoon of margarine. I added 1 cup of skim milk to that and then whisked in 1 egg. I then just gently started to fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. When it was nearly completely folded together I added 300 g frozen raspberries. I add these as close to the end as possible because I don’t want them to break Wet ingredients.jpgup to much.

Again, make sure you don’t over mix. Just fold the raspberries through until everything is combined.

I put some paper cupcake liners into my muffin tin and then spooned in the mixture. I filled them to about ¾ because I didn’t want them too large and I needed enough for both of our offices. This made 20 muffins but you could make them larger and only make 12.

I put them into the oven that had been preheated at 350F. They baked for 25 minutes and then I took them out and let Add the Rasberries.jpgthem cool.

We both packed up a bunch each and set off to work. They disappeared in my office very quickly and everyone thought they were delicious. The chocolate bits and the tang of the raspberries really do make them really really good. They are also incredibly moist (still hate that word) from the fruit and chocolate. I have to admit the extra1/4 cup of chocolate did no harm, they probably made them even better!

Ready for the oven.jpgJ’s office didn’t finish them off the way mine did… they were lucky enough to have other treats as well. But those who tried them enjoyed them and more importantly J. preferred my treats over the others that were on offer! Ok, that isn’t sooo important but still nice to know!

Though they are sweet and sugary there is a lot less fat than normal muffins too which you just have to love. I strongly encourage you to give these a try… they are incredible!

  1. ecozee says:

    i’ve got raspberries in the garden so gonna give this a go.

  2. Tammy says:

    My family wants to come live in your house.

  3. Chef Randall says:

    These muffins are Marvelous. I am going to the market to get some berries right now and make this recipe. But instead of muffins I will make a bread or two with the recipe.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Chef Randall

  4. Amanda Embry says:

    Mmm, they look great. You know, I know several people who hate the word moist. I must confess to not caring for it much myself.

  5. Country Lady says:

    OMG! Raspberry and chocolate…I am drooling 🙂

  6. mingomomma says:

    I’m going to have to try these. We are BIG muffin fans in this house!

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  8. Yum, they look delicious 🙂

  9. Ali says:

    These look great! I’m a massive fan of raspberry and chocolate muffins!

  10. lulu says:

    Too good, and I am a muffin lover as well as a lover of raspberry and chocolate.

  11. James says:

    The world definitely needs more chocolate muffins… plus cupcakes need to die. That fad has run its course.

  12. These look gooey and delicious!

  13. Melisa R says:

    These look too good to be true

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