Italian Thick Chocolate.jpgAustralia is in the middle of summer right now, when we arrived in Brisbane back on the 21st it was hot, steamy and overcast. We had our lunch out with friends and had decided to explore the city center a little. We jumped on a bus and trundled into the city and watched the rain clouds gather…

Now this preamble is leading to a food adventure but I need to set the scene…

We arrive in the city and wander down the Queen Street Mall, the rain starts falling gently… we walk further… across the river to Southbank and the “beach”. Those of you who don’t know Brisbane, they have created a man-made beach right in the center of town on the south bank of the river. I am pretty soaked at this stage and even though it is hot and muggy the last thing I want to do is risk getting sick on our first day of vacation.

Then I saw it, an oasis from the rain… Max Brenner. This is a chain of “restaurants”/ “cafes”/ Spicy Mexican Chocolate.jpg“chocolate shops” that can be found around Australia… actually when I was just googling I found that there are some here in the US too, including Vegas – How did I not know this!?! They do some decadent waffles and sweets not to mention delicious chocolates. I suddenly wanted a hot chocolate! J had never been to Max Brenner for some reason so I suggested a short respite from the rain and a cup of hot chocolate to share!

So in we went to dry off and order a cup to share… well as if that was ever going to happen… we ended up ordering 2 cups, because we could! I wanted what I have always had, the Mexican Spicy Chocolate with Milk Chocolate and then J ordered the Italian Thick Chocolate with Dark Chocolate.

We sat down and sipped away at our mugs of steaming hot chocolate… they were so delicious and I have to say that J’s Italian Thick Chocolate is now my new favorite… (that sounds dodgy). Anyway, the chocolate wasn’t too sweet and was nice and hot. My Mexican Spicy one could have been a bit spicier but it was delicious anyway. J was pretty pleased with his choice and he would normally stay away from a hot drink in that kind of weather.

After we had dried off and consumed our drinks we were ready to get back out walking again! When I say consumed, I mean licked the cups clean…

What a way to force ourselves to stay awake and avoid jetlag. Hot chocolate in the middle of summer, I think hot chocolate anytime works really!

  1. Ali says:

    I was only introduced to Max Brenner’s last year in Sydney, as we don’t have MB’s here in Adelaide. How awesome is it!? I love a hot chocolate, but I am going to admit, it has been far too hot for me for hot chocolate the past two weeks…40 degrees is icecream weather for me. Although, if we had a Max Brenner’s nearby, I might have to rethink that!!

  2. Yum! We are having the coldest winter in 6 years, here in Southern California. That hot chocolate sounds delish right now!

  3. Eva Taylor says:

    How extravagant to have hot chocolate in the summer!

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  5. Gary Lum says:

    I have one within 5 minutes work of where I live in Canberra. Canberra winters are cold. You know where you can find me 🙂

  6. Chef Randall says:

    Aren’t you fortunate though, summer time down under. Pass me that hot chocolate it is 2 feet of snow here in Idaho and it will be -2 tonight. 🙂 Looks so good. I am going with friends tonight and I am taking an Eggnog cheesecake I made this morning.

    OK thanks for sharing and enjoy your summer night.

    Chef Randall

  7. Yvonne says:

    I love Max B. Try their happy hour next time you are in Vegas. The Intoxi-cake Martini is wonderful.

  8. lulu says:

    I agree with you, a good hot chocolate is okay by me anytime. In fact, I’d like to have one right now.

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  10. We love Max Brenner. Our local Chocolate Man. There is one within walking distance of our home. Lethal and dangerous. The chocolates are to die for.

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