Seafood Laksa.jpgI know you have all probably realised by now that J. and I are huge fans of Asian food. Whether it is Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino or Thai, we love it. We will often have this kind of food during the week as our lunches or dinners. Possibly the number 1 choice for Thai food is seafood laksa. We don’t make it from scratch, though I would love to one day, we do the lazy laksa from a bottle… though we do mix it up a little and not just follow the instructions on the bottle.

Laksa Paste.jpg

First thing is of course to get the laksa mix from your local Asian supermarket, we have used a few different ones over the years but the one shown here is probably the most commonone we have used. In our wok I heated a small amount of canola oil until it was nearly smoking. Into the oil I put 4 heaped tablespoons of the laksa paste, stirring it around until it became really fragrant.Seafood in Broth.jpg

To the oil and paste I added 1 red jalapeno chilli and 4 thai chillies mixing these through the paste. I had finely chopped these in preparation for this. I cook this for about 30 seconds before pouring in 1 1/2 cups of cold water. I slowly bring this all to a simmer before adding in my seafood.

You could pretty much use any seafood you like for this we usually use shrimp and scallops. So I added our shelled shrimps to the broth and cooked for about 2 minutes before adding in the scallops. I stirred this around for a minute or so and then let it simmer very gently.

Add tofu.jpg

While that was cooking I prepared the rest of the laksa ingredients. I drained 1 tin of bamboo shoots and set them aside. I also cut into cubes 2 packets of fried tofu and also cut and washed 6 small bunches of baby bok choy. I then roughly chopped a bunch of cilantro and set it aside. The tofu then got added to the seafood and broth and mixed in.

I let the tofu cook for a couple of minutes before adding in the bamboo shoots and bok choy. I like both of these to still be a little crunchy so after mixing them through I only cook for another minute or so. This is when I add the coconut milk (2 tins) and mix it through. When this has heated completely I take the laksa off the heat.Add Veggies.jpg

The last things I put into this are the chopped cilantro and the juice of 1 lime. I find the acid of the lime just adds a little extra zing to the laksa. I then just gently mix all of this together and it is ready to serve. I usually sever this over steamed rice.

It is such a great meal for winter, it really warms me to my toes. J absolutely loves this and more often than not I have to cut him off after 3 helpings because he will eat himself into a laksa coma. I love the broth and will often eat this without rice, which J. just can’t fathom. It Ready to Eat.jpgis the perfect mix of stir fry meets soup for my liking… so spicy and delicious.

Obviously the easiest way to make this is just follow the directions on the bottle but I like our little version of lazy laksa, it makes me feel like I am cheating a little less by making it my own. Plus J. and I always need that little bit of extra heat!

  1. This looks like a dish I could dive into! I never have tried Laksa but would love to try a tofu and vegetable version.

  2. When you come to do your own from scratch, I recommend Christine Mansfield. There’s an easy to follow recipe for the paste in her book ‘Stir’. There are a lot of ingredients, but at the end you get several bottles of fantastic paste which keeps for ages. And you can regulate the chilli levels to your own taste!

  3. Preveena says:

    Laksa is looking delicious

  4. Heather says:

    Oh my gosh. I love laksa. This one looks amazing. We usually just buy ours though. There’s a great place about 10 minutes from us that has fantastic laksa for only $10!! I always order a prawn one and without fail, I always get about ten prawns. If I go anywhere else I’ll be lucky to get five. But I will definitely be giving yours a go I think!

  5. Alex Katzen says:

    This looks delicious. I’m a huge fan of most all types of Asian food too. Have you ever tried mochi ice cream from Trader Joe’s? I had one last night that I blogged about 🙂

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