Bacon Potatoes.jpgIn yesterday’s post I wrote about J’s and my early Christmas celebration and how we had decided to do something different with our roast potatoes for dinner. This inspiration had come from my grandmother’s potatoes. Her “roast” potatoes were my favorite thing she would make growing up… always so crunchy on the outside and salty… completely delicious. Of course this is because instead of roasting them she actually had shallow fried them in canola oil in her electric frying pan. Our version was a little different but definitely inspired by Grandma.

This isn’t the healthiest version of potatoes and we will probably never make them this way again (I can here J. crying as he reads this) but oh my were our potatoes on Saturday night the most delicious thing ever!

On Friday night I peeled 3 really large russet potatoes and then cut them into medium sized pieces. After washingRosemary and Garlic in oil.jpg them I put them into an air tight container and covered them in salted water. I wanted to brine them for 24 hours just to make them extra crispy when we cooked them. I am sure an hour would have been enough but I wanted to do some prep Friday night so J. and I didn’t have too much to do come Saturday evening.

Saturday night I took these out and dried them. I then put them into the microwave for 8 minutes to start the cooking process. I didn’t want them to take too long to cook in the oil. While these were in the microwave I prepared the oil… this is where it gets yummy…. We had saved some bacon grease for this very reason and pour it and a similar amount of olive oil into a frying pan. To the oil I added 2 sprigs of rosemary and 2 garlic cloves. I let the oil heat up until the rosemary started bubbling.

When the oil was nice and hot I added half of the potatoes (carefully). The cooking was easy, every two minutes I Turn regularly.jpgturned the potatoes to another side browning and crisping up all sides. Then when they were ready, I just tested them using a fork, I took them out and put them on some paper towel to get off any excess grease. I then put the second half of the potatoes into the oil.

I changed the rosemary and the garlic in the oil with the second half of the potatoes, I didn’t want them taking on a burnt garlic or rosemary flavor. While the second batch were cooking I salted the first batch and put them in the oven to keep warm.

These were so easy to make, you just really need to keep an eye on the oil so that it doesn’t get too hot. I adjusted the temperature a few times throughout this process. J. thought they were quite scrumptious. The bacon flavor wasn’t too evident but as J said, there was a richness to the potatoes not to mention a crispiness.

Surprisingly these weren’t oily or greasy at all. They were delicious and incredibly crispy and crunchy. J was kind of addicted to them and would have eaten them all except I cut him off. He will thank me later when we have the leftovers but he was none too pleased at the time. I enjoyed these for a special occasion, though I can’t see us doing this again anytime soon… they aren’t a potato for everyday.

  1. Having hamburgers for dinner and these would be perfect with them. Yummy!

  2. nancyola says:

    These potatoes sound very yummy. Thanks for stopping by at itsmindbloggleing.

  3. paulheels says:

    You should never take meat or taters from a man!
    This looks good. Never thought about brining over night. Thanks for the tip!

  4. The occasional time during winter isn’t so bad. I’m not keen on animal fat. Until recently! I’ve started to caramelise shallots in leftover bacon fat. Delish! Only once every other week, mind.

  5. suth2 says:

    Roast potatoes are such a delicious comfort food.

  6. Katie says:

    I can’t wait to try these! I love the idea of brining them in salt water first.

  7. uberdish says:

    Mmm! Roasted or fried potatoes are my comfort food with apple cider vinegar and sea salt. Love your idea of adding garlic!

  8. Alex Katzen says:

    These look delicious! I recently tried making a recipe I saw on Pinterest for sweet potato fries with corn starch and they were a bit of a fail. Happy cooking!

  9. Reen says:

    That certainly looks delicious! I want to try them sooo badly. I just love crispy potatoes. ♥

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