Chutney Gift.jpgThis is just a quick post about the other edible Christmas gifts I gave to friends. A while back I made giant pot of spicy tomato chutney. Being who I am I shared it with a bunch of people including my two soon to be bosses. Both of them took a strong liking to it. Using it with cheese, fish and chicken.

I decided as a Christmas gift for them I would bottle up some of the chutney. I bought some nice decorative looking pickling jars… they only cost $1.50 each so what a bargain is that! I filled both jars up with the yummy delicious chutney, sealed them and decorated them with blue bows.

I played Santa on Tuesday and delivered these yummy gifts. They were so excited and happy to receive them, not to mention surprised. Both of them had plans for the chutney and I am pretty sure it won’t last long. I might have to make a new batch in the New Year when I start my new job.

What an easy, affordable and cute gift… one that was so well received!

You can check out my original blog post here or get the recipe here.

  1. Becca C. says:

    Edible gifts are the best!

  2. artisticmilestone says:

    Thanx for the idea 🙂 I have never tasted chutney before but they look delicious. Your photo reminded me of mango jam, do you have fruit jam recipe?

    I’m also passing my Very Inspiring Blogger Award to you, pls. check it out! I really enjoyed reading about your recipes. I’m actually planning to make your lasagna with secret recipe sauce this Christmas 🙂

  3. cfreese says:

    I absolutely LOVE the concept of food gifts. It’s such a personal gift and I think it’s the perfect way to wrap up the holiday spirit. Plus, it’s always a memorable gift.

  4. marymtf says:

    You know, despite all the cooking shows and recipe blogs, most people don’t seem to find the time to start things from scratch. I’ve seen people in the supermarkets reach for instant mashed potato sachets or packet cakes. No wonder your bosses and friends were excited with the cutney.Home made goods are something special.

  5. Karla says:

    Edible gifts are the best! I say yes!

  6. Eva Taylor says:

    Home made gifts are always appreciated, particularly by those who don’t cook.

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