Pink Cougar.jpgMe and a new friend and soon to be colleague, S, headed out for some early Christmas drinks last night. We went to a place down the road from my soon to be office called Grassroots. This is a bar, meets gastro pub, meets restaurant. It is a really nice place and so close to work and most importantly their “social hour” has both food, beer, wine and cocktail discounts.

I was in a celebrating mood so for a change I went for a cocktail instead of beer or wine. I got a giant glass of white sangria. I would tell you what was in it but unfortunately the menu stated that it was a secret recipe so I have no idea. But it looked so pretty and festive, plus it tasted super delicious! Is it strange that sangria makes me think of Christmas? My family went through a stage of making sangria during the Wisconsin Burrata.jpgholidays, since it is so warm in Australia at that time of year. I thought I was being very good only ordering a class when I could have ordered a jug for $20! How restrained I was.

S ordered something called a Pink Cougar, this was a combination of vodka, chamomile-lemongrass syrup, lemon and a pink candy wedge. This came in a lovely martini glass. I assume she really enjoyed it… she drank it all. All I have to say is that it wasn’t very pink… I would have liked to see more pink.

I always like to nibble on something when I am drinking, especially if I have to drive so S and I decided to order some of their yummy shared plates. Ok, to be honest I ate enough that I didn’t need dinner when I got home… but that’s ok, isn’t it?

White Sangria.jpg

First up we ordered the Wisconsin Burrata… a plate of yummy goodness. The plate came out with a giant ball of fresh mozzarella, arugula with a delicious dressing, a spicy tomato jam and sea salted crunchy ciabatta. So we spread on some jam and mozzarella and added some arugula to a piece of ciabatta. What a delicious combination and the mozzarella had to be some of the best I had ever eaten!

Next we ordered something called Dad’s Grocery Bag, basically a meat and cheese platter. Lucky for me S. is a vegetarian so I got to eat all of the delicious cured meats, some salami, ham and pastrami! Yummy. Somewhere in there I also ordered a second glass of White Sangria.

Ok, back to the platter… It had 3 different cheese on it, I know one was a goat cheese, another was a sharp cheddar of some kind and the third though delicious, I have know idea what it was. Also on the platter were some mixed nuts, honey and beautifully freshDads Grocery Bag.jpg french bread. This was such a great thing to nibble on while we chatted and drank.

One of the things I have missed about home are having after work drinks with friends at a cool cafe or bar. Just hanging out and chatting over drinks and good food was how I spent many a Friday night back in Melbourne. I am hoping since this Grassroots Kitchen & Tap is just down the road S. and I will have at least a few more opportunities to sample their wares! Sitting out on their heated patio will be a perfect end to a work week. New friends and new jobs… now that deserves another cocktail!

  1. Eva Taylor says:

    Nibbling is my favourite way to eat! Hungary has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving, you cannot even have one drink if you are driving.

  2. The food you ate looks delicious! Much better than the deep fried bar food that is a staple where I live.

  3. Ali says:

    I also enjoy the odd Friday night drinks…and really missed them when I lived in Canada last year!

  4. that hunk of mozzarella looks so good ! and those drinks sound so interestingly delicious, my bars have nothing like that boo!

  5. Less is sometimes better… in regard to the pink drink. LOL. (coming from the no artificial additives or artificial color dyes gal!) Peace and Kindness

  6. Sally Scott says:

    Is that an egg or mozzarella cheese in that one picture? And good drinks, good food, good conversation, and good friends–what’s not to love!?

  7. …you had me at “tomato jam”……..with mozzarella?! oh YUM! Thanks for taking us along on your virtual happy hour =0)

  8. expatchef says:

    Burrata from Wisconsin…..hmmmm…..interesting. It all looks amazing and right up my alley when it comes to picking!

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