Last week I had a craving for red meat, like a crazy I’m going to hurt someone if I don’t get a steak, kind of craving. I dug around in our freezer and found some giant lamb chops that were going to be perfect. The only problem, J was carb loading for the 1/2 marathon he was running in Vegas. What to do about a side!?

Pasta was the answer! Well it was J’s anyhow.

Garlic in olive oil.jpg

When we were first dating J made this for me. I think it was actually the first thing he ever cooked me. It is a very plain, simple pasta dish that is perfect as a side with something else.

In a large pot put your pasta on to cook, obviously once the water is boiling. While your pasta is cooking, in a pan heat about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Finely chop 4 large cloves of garlic and throw these into the hot oil. Cook the garlic, making sure not to burn it. So we were both Throw in the pasta.jpggoing to be happy with dinner… me with my red meat and J with his mountainous pile of pasta.

When the pasta has cooked, drain and add it to the garlic in the pan. Mix the garlic and olive oil through the pasta so it is completely covered. I had chopped up an entire bunch of fresh basil (about 1 cup) while the pasta was cooking. J added the basil and some salt and pepper to the pasta. He also sprinkled in some dried oregano.

Last thing he did was just mix everything through so it was evenly coating the pasta. J recommends putting inAdd the basil.jpg some red chili flakes too if you have some floating around in your pantry.

This was a really yummy meal. Such an easy quick thing to do, with ingredients I always have around the house. I didn’t have too much pasta but J loaded up which was perfect. Ready for his ½ marathon. The lamb was cooked perfectly on our little grill pan and it definitely fed my red meat craving. Though as I am writing this I am now thinking a big juicy steak would be fabulous!

  1. Beth says:

    I am smelling, tasting, and now craving this whole meal. Thanks for the vicarious thrill!

  2. Great recipe!! How can you go wrong with olive oil and garlic?

  3. Geraldine says:

    Garlic, olive oil and pasta…gotta love those in any recipe. Sounds yummy! 🙂

  4. Country Cooking By Lynnlynn says:

    I Love Your Blog Food Looks Great Blessed Day Lynn

  5. tomberan1 says:

    Looks lovely. I used to order this regularly in a restaurant in London – they always added red chilli 🙂

  6. Another pasta-lover! Thanks for the follow!

  7. […] Quick & Easy Pasta Side Dish. […]

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was just talking to my husband about making something similar for dinner.

  9. Being an italian also, I’m always trying to get my pasta fix. Thanks for the idea! Also, thanks for checking out my blog!

  10. Love Italian food – thanks, too, for visiting my blog!

  11. This looks delicious! I never thought about having pasta as a side dish, but it’s a great idea! I love Aglio e Olio pasta!

  12. taypopgrey says:

    This is very similar to something us Italians eat. A little fresh finely grated parm or grana padano would be the only thing missing! Making me so hungry – I’ve been craving carbs, but unfortunately don’t have any type of marathon coming up… Whomp whomp. Also, you might be interested in this dish from lidia bastianich in which she breaks up pasta noodles and cooks them as you would risotto, giving a creamy pasta side from just plain broken spaghetti! Great blog – can’t wait to read more!!

  13. shopdelightfullysweet says:

    I love coming up with meals like this on the fly! Great pasta add-ins!

  14. Your blog is AMAZING. I love food, cooking it and eating it! And your blog makes me want to do it even more -_-
    lol, thank you for following me (:

  15. zanzanaglob says:

    I am a little conservative concerning the use of pasta as a side dish, but I found this solution very clever and, of course, tasty!

  16. Jennifer Szescula Flanagan says:

    My husband just made a similar dish for me like this a month or two ago and I love it! So much better than putting “insert any bottled sauce here” over top of it. I request it weekly.

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