Shrimp in a bag.jpgI have finally recovered from our 4 day weekend in Las Vegas. The Vegas part was great, the road trip was a little bumpy and took some getting over. But I am back on board now and ready to share with you one of, if not our number 1, favorite place to eat in Las Vegas… Hot ‘N’ Juicy Crawfish.

If you are after the fancy, glitzy glamor of the strip this is not your place. If you don’t like getting messy when you eat this is certainly not your place. If you can’t handle ripping shrimp heads off and removing legs then this certainly isn’t the place for you … plastic sheets covering tables, food served in plastic bags, rolls of paper towels on the tables and compulsory bib wearing are what greet you when you venture into this off strip restaurant.

We headed there first thing Friday night after we had checked into our hotel. Unfortunately this weekend it wasn’t crawfish season so we decided not to go with those. We could have had theMussels in a bag.jpg frozen crawfish but we really like to stick with the season with them. Instead of crawfish we ordered 2 pounds of shrimp and 2 pounds of mussels. YUM!

One of the things I like about this place is that you order the seasoning for your bag of seafood and the spiciness. We were with some mates who can’t handle spice and they ordered the mild level of spice for the garlic butter seasoning on their shrimp but they still found that too spicy. So just as a warning if you can’t handle any spice stay away… of course we love it.

Our shrimp were seasoned with the Hot N Juicy Special seasoning. I find this is their spiciest and yummiest seasoning. It is hot, really hot but soooo good with a strong Cajun style flavor behind it. Ours were cooked so well and so delicious. Of course we asked for the extra spicy. When they came out in their big plastic bag, we opened it up and the smell is just overwhelming. J and I dived in and enjoyed every bite. Our faces, fingers, hands and parts of our arms were covered in the delicious sauce. You rip a head of, peel the legs and shell away before dipping the shrimp back in the bag for more sauce… this is the best way to eat these! Soooo good!

Cajun fries.jpgWe went a little different on the mussels because one of our mates wanted to try them. We got these prepared with the garlic butter seasoning and only medium spicy. Needless to say the medium was too hot for our friend but perfect for us! This 2 pound bag of mussels disappeared so incredibly quickly. They are so juicy and yummy… J and I both couldn’t stop until they were all gone! Dipping the shell into the sauce to get lots of it covering the mussel is just the perfect way to eat mussels!

I really should have taken a photo of the aftermath… messy paper towels, bibs, shells, shrimp heads all over the table… IT WAS FANTASTIC! We also ordered a side of their cajun fries, this was the first time we’d had these and they were really good. The spice they added on those was delicious, though too hot for our friends yet again!

If you are in Las Vegas, and can handle the spice… go here it is so amazingly good. Not to mention it is a fun experience. You get dirty, you eat great food and you venture away from the tourist craziness of the Las Vegas strip.

  1. fatassguidetotheuniverse says:

    oh my god. i love this place! right up the street from my old college apartment…ahhhh memories.

  2. Sounds awesome! Definitely my kind of place…looks great 🙂

  3. hollykaann says:

    This sounds great! You are my kind of eater, my husband and I always look for the out of the way “local color” kind of places.

  4. kz says:

    those shrimps look delicious!! now i’m craving…

  5. Wow. I can’t even begin to tell you how jealous I am. It all looks so good.

  6. vyvacious says:

    Oh yum! I love places like these! My particular favorite is Claws Restaurant in Garden Grove. It’s a super fun, friendly atmosphere and the way of eating is the same as Hot N’ Juicy. Gotta love it! We always get shrimp and clams along with Cajun fries when we go! The strawberry lemonade is a must to wash down their Cannonball (cajun, lemon pepper, garlic butter), Fire-In-The-Hole spiciness. It really is delicious.

  7. intlxpatr says:

    LOL, that sounds like our kind of place, too. We always need extra paper towels. The Arabs have a saying that “food you eat with your hands always tastes the best.” Looks like this place is the proof.

  8. Ok, you have inspired me to get some langoustines for dinner tomorrow – our closest thing to crawfish! Thanks.

  9. pasttheplate says:

    Hi! I’ve nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Check it out here if you’re interested:
    Thanks for the good reads, and Cheers!! 🙂

  10. Catherine says:

    My mouth is watering. I love crawfish!!

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  12. This looks like my kind or place!! The heads of prawns/crayfish are the best part, and I get dissapointed when they ahve already been removed! If I ever venture to Las Vegas, I will be trying this 🙂

  13. Sounds great fun! And I love the idea of the mess.

  14. thechocolatepudding says:

    This makes me hungry and ready to drop a little dough to go to Vegas again…

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