Thursday’s blog about the lobster roll has inspired me to tell you a story about the night J. got drunk on lobster! There was no alcohol involved (at least not for him) but an endless line of freshly cooked lobsters.

We were in Orlando for my work a few years ago and as we always do we had researched several restaurants we wanted to try out while we were there. One of my good friends and work colleagues, M., was along for the ride so we had to make sure our choices suited her strange, yet mildly endearing food “qualms”. Her “qualms” may feature in some other travel stories later on!

One of the restaurants we had discovered was an all you can eat Lobster restaurant called, Boston Lobster Feast. I know… in Orlando but called Boston, and there isn’t even one in Boston! Strange…

As you have probably realized, J. and I love seafood. We will seek it out when we are close to the coast, in whichever country, state or city we happen to be in. So this restaurant seemed too good to be true! ALL YOU CAN EAT LOBSTER… HURRAH!

Off we went to the restaurant, after a day of starving ourselves. There was a wide range of seafood and side choices at the buffet… from oysters to lobsters and then a whole area just of desserts. I’m not going to go into too much of the other food because it really plays such an insignificant role in this story. I will say the buffet was delicious and I tried key lime pie there for the first time and found that to be very tasty!

To the lobster. I was a little skeptical that this place wouldn’t be that great – mass amounts of lobster – could be dodgy. I was really pleasantly surprised to find the lobsters cooked really well and really delicious.

M and I proceeded to slug our way through 3 fairly decent size lobsters… we were both stuffed and had more than enough after that. J. never to let a buffet get the better of him had to press on… 5 lobsters later… now this is just the lobsters, I am not mentioning anything else he ate as sides to his 5 LOBSTERS! J. was finally full! Too full possibly but like alcohol the inebriating affects of lobsters take a little time to kick in.

Full and satisfied we proceeded back to our hotel, said good night to M and headed to for the shower. There is no way to eat lobster without smelling like it at the end… I showered and came out to find J. splayed on the bed, in his lobstery clothes watching tv with his eyes half closed.

I suggested he shower since he smelled of lobster… “I’ll just rest for a little while”… about 2 minutes later he was unconscious… I say unconscious because I had to hit him to wake him and then when he did wake up he immediately passed out again. After an hour of me trying to get him to take a shower and change out of the lobster covered clothes… I gave up! He had got mildly irritated at me during that hour since I kept waking him up.

So I went to bed… I fell asleep to the odors of lobster coming from the other side of the bed and J. gently snoring in his lobster drunk dreams.

The next morning, I am not exaggerating here; lobster was seeping from his pores. Just like a hangover where you can smell booze on yourself after a big night. Oh my, did he smell! I love lobster just as I love wine, beer etc… but all of those the day after smell bad! He also didn’t remember our hour long struggle or me telling him he stank… The whole night from when we got back to the hotel was a blank!

Now I share this story as a warning to all lobster lovers out there. Be careful, they too can be dangerous when consumed in large quantities and just to be safe perhaps it is best not to drive after eating 5 or more lobsters…

WARNING: Lobsters in excess may cause sleepiness, unconsciousness, bad body odor, memory loss, irritability and gas… among other things!

  1. ndjmom says:

    Lobster drunk! Love it! I can almost see that happening. I’ve been about the same way on shrimp. Alas I live in Nebraska now and getting good lobster around here is just a tad difficult. But I will have to look up this restaurant if I get to Orlando.

  2. vyvacious says:

    Hahahaha! Oh now! The eating of the lobster sounds delicious but the aftermath does not! 😛

    One of my favorite places over here is called Claws and they basically cook up whatever seafood you want (crawfish, clams, mussels, lobster, crab, shrimp, etc.) in a bag that’s super seasoned with garlic, cajun sauce, all that good stuff… It’s freaking AMAZING buuut you WILL smell for days after. It all comes with the territory 😛

  3. Piece of Pie and a Dash of DIY says:

    Now I’m hungry for lobster! 😉

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