J. discovered a new food truck a few months back… The Maine Lobster Lady. By the name one might wonder why the two of us here in the burning desert of Arizona might be interested. The reason this place interested us so much was because they actually spend their winters here in Arizona serving up deliciously good lobster rolls, chowder and shrimp puffs. All of this, in one little food truck.

Needless to say, we were excited. I followed them on Facebook so we would be able to find them somewhere, somehow once they returned to Phoenix. We had been planning this for quite a few weeks when they announced they would be at the JamMarket one Friday from 6pm until 8pm…. We would be there.

We really had no idea what was in store when we rocked up around 6.30pm to find a line of about 60 people snaking away from the Lobster truck’s window. There were 3 other food trucks in attendance, none with a line at all let alone 60+! We hopped in line and J. went to scope out the other food trucks. There was a Filipino food truck selling street food so J. picked us up some pork pancit to snack on while we waited in line. The pancit was delicious… the perfect appetizer for our meal!

It took about 45 minutes but it was finally our turn, we had our order chosen and we were set… disappointment hit us when they said there were no shrimp puffs left so J. thought quickly on his feet and placed our order. We got clam chowder, 1 Maine style lobster roll and 1 Hot Buttered lobster roll. We figured since we had snacked in the line this would be more than enough to eat.

Our order came and we fortunately got the last of the chowder, yay! We sat down on some lawn chairs and prepared to dive in. Let me say, the servings weren’t huge by any means but I can say that there was more lobster than roll in the lobster roll and that’s what counts!

Both lobster rolls were delicious. The Maine lobster roll was served with just a touch of lemon aioli, nestled in a butter grilled roll. This roll was cold. The second roll, well it’s called the hot buttered roll so you probably get what it is…  it was served dripping with butter and hot.

I tried the Maine roll first and couldn’t believe how good it was until I bit into the other lobster roll… so warm, juicy and delicious it really was the better of the two. Not that I would complain about being served the other anytime!

Then we tasted the chowder… oh my gosh it was wonderful! Generous chunks of seafood, in a really well seasoned, creamy broth. It in itself was a meal… though we “forced” ourselves to finish all of it. They served the rolls with potato chips and the chowder with some little crackers… all in all it was a really hearty meal. 

We bought a raspberry cream pie from one of the other food trucks to take home with us because we couldn’t face more food right then. The pie was pretty good, though I wouldn’t chase that food truck the way we would the Lobster Truck. I think the pie actually looked better than it tasted.

The only negative I could say about The Maine Lobster Lady, and I have to say it, is that it was a really expensive food truck experience. Though delicious and something we can’t get elsewhere, $17 for the lobster roll isn’t something we would do often. I am just glad that it tasted so great, we didn’t mind paying that much when it was so incredibly good.

We will definitely go back to this truck sometime, but probably not often. It is a fun night out on the street with the food trucks and we might go back to try some of the others sometime. We will be tempted to get in that long line again though for that buttery lobster roll… Yum!

  1. Shari Kelley says:

    Have you been to Food Truck Friday in downtown Phoenix yet? My mom and I went there for lunch the other day, and had a great time!

  2. imaksimize says:

    Reblogged this on imaKSimize and commented:
    Love this! I worked at a seasonal seafood/lobster restaurant in New England and we always thought it would be a good idea to go somewhere warm and sell the food in the winter!

  3. Ziggy says:

    Nice! I can use a maine lobster roll or 3 right now

  4. Alicia says:

    Great post, I love food trucks. I am hoping Chicago will be getting more food trucks in the future!

  5. Sounds heavenly. Even though that’s expensive! It would have to be great.

  6. I want to eat one of those rolls now!! And it’s only 8am…

  7. lulu says:

    The Maine Lobster Lady in Arizona….I like that. I recently ate at a great food truck serving Korean food and loved it. Love the title of your blog!

  8. We do not have an abundance of food trucks where I live, middle of nowhere Vermont. So I am terribly jealous of your food truck experience! 🙂

  9. juliabarrett says:

    One day you must travel to Maine and you must stop here (in season of course). Red’s Eats has The Best Lobster Roll On The Planet. https://secure.downeast.com/books/maine/reds-eats.html

  10. Why do I live in Az and did not even know these food trucks existed now I am going to be on the hunt for a lobster food; and Filipino food I love pancit so much how exciting great post!!!

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