There are many things I could and eventually probably will talk about in regard to American food. There are so many similarities to Australian food and then drastic differences at the same time. But today I have one particular thing on my mind… On one of my first real adventures into American eating many years ago with J., he introduced me to the American oddity of combining of syrup and bacon or waffles and chicken with syrup.

Maybe this wouldn’t be strange to other people, maybe my palate had been limited by my exposure to predominantly Asian and Italian influences in my eating. This was a strange, unusual yet delicious new combination for my taste buds  The combination of savory and sweet, the syrup on the chicken or bacon! It was just crazy.

The reason I bring up this sensation is that last week J. and I ventured to Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles. A place he had taken me to before but not for years, the place where I had first tried fried chicken with breakfast items, waffles… Crazy! This is a great restaurant with 2 different locations in the area and one not far from J’s work. We decided it would be great to drop in there one night when I was picking him up from work.

After ordering our sodas, which were served in gigantic mason jars. We got down to studying the menu. The thing I love about the menu at Lolo’s is that you can choose the piece of chicken you get, be that thigh, drumstick etc. I love that I can get a mix if I want.

J. went with the specialty of the house and ordered the Lil Amadi. This is 2 pieces of southern fried chicken and a waffle. You can choose between thighs and drumsticks and it of course comes with generous servings of butter and syrup.

This was the perfect size for J. We have had situations at Lolo’s where we have both been overflowing with delicious food and need to sleep for several days to get over it. He said his chicken was crispy and yummy and the waffle delicious. What more could you ask for really!

I actually didn’t feel like the sweet side of things this time around so I went for the Baby C. This is 2 pieces of southern fried chicken served with fries or a hot bowl of grits. I was boring and just went with the fries. The fries however were surprisingly delicious. They were seasoned with some kind of spice mix that just made them incredibly good. I don’t know what the spice was but it was amazing… best fries I have had for a while. Though I couldn’t finish them all J. made sure I didn’t let the waitress clear the plate until he had finished them off.

Now I can’t not talk about the chicken… My chicken was great, better than great, it was sublime. I find it amazing how crunchy the skin is yet they manage to make the meat so juicy and tender at the same time. I wolfed down my chicken very quickly, I may have been starving or it may have been just that good.

A thing you all should know is that my dinner was $6 and J’s was $7!!! Talk about an absolute steal. Not only is it cheap and delicious, this is chicken unlike anything you will find at KFC… the Colonel has nothing on Lolo! This sweet and savory combination that America does is definitely something I am happy to embrace!


  1. kellisamson says:

    Oh, my gosh. That sweet tea? I am dying to make some today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Montreal Pastrami says:

    Pastrami and waffles…. Hmmmm

  3. pravit says:

    I have only had chicken and waffles once but it was fantastic.
    It was a Filipino-inspired version of the dish I had at Maharlika in the East Village here in NYC. The waffles were amazingly tender and melt in your mouth good and the chicken was a perfect savory accompaniment.
    I am thinking I need to make a trip up to Harlem to have the more traditional version.

  4. Your description of the southern fried chicken instantly made my mouth water! Will have to hunt down a recipe to try making it at home!

  5. Debra Kolkka says:

    The chicken sounds great, but i just don’t think I could eat it with waffles. I was with a group of tourists in a restaurant in Italy recently when on one of the party wanted maple syrup with her porcini mushrooms, polenta and pecorino cheese. I wanted to stick a fork in her hand.

  6. Mr. Fed Up says:

    Haha. Great Post. “American” cuisine truly is special.

  7. zanzanaglob says:

    Here in Italy we have wonderful food but sometimes I feel envious of meals like the one you described, as we don’t see so many of them! 🙂

  8. Hollie says:

    That waffle and chicken together looks freaking good. I’ve actually have never had the two together, but I’d be willing to try.

  9. Monte says:

    Wow, that sounds like the best $6 meal ever! I’m also jealous.

  10. Karen says:

    I also love syrup with breakfast sausage!

  11. vyvacious says:

    Ugh. This looks AMAZING! I’m so jealous at the quality of southern fried chicken at such a steal that you get in Arizona! In southern CA, if you want something like this (that’s not from KFC), it’s going to cost you a pretty penny for that good quality chicken!

    Now I’m craving fried chicken. Thanks a lot! 😉

  12. Gary Lum says:

    I love your photographs. Since my first trip to Ottawa and then various places in the US I’ve fallen in love with combining Maple Syrup with bacon and everything else on my cooked breakfast plate.

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