Unfortunately today’s blog is not about the mighty pig. I thought I would share the dessert I cooked from Saturday’s dinner. I went for something a little different but not so much so that the boys wouldn’t like it. I made Rasberry, Rhubarb and Apple Ginger Crumble with Vanilla Custard. Yummy, warming and not too adventurous for the cautious eaters at our table Saturday night.

I started out by peeling, coring and cutting up 4 green apples. Cut them into bite size pieces I put these is a large pot and let them begin to stew with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water.

Next I added 450 grams of frozen rhubarb. We couldn’t find any fresh rhubarb in the stores so had to settle for the frozen. The apple and the rhubarb need to cook down a little, they need to be soft but don’t necessarily need to be cooked so much they loose their shape.

When these were cooked I added 400 grams of fresh raspberries. I stirred these through. You don’t need to cook the raspberries at all, I just stir them through the hot apple and rhubarb and leave the mixture to cool.

Next I needed to start on the crumble. In the food processor I put 200 grams of gingersnaps (ginger nuts in Australia), 1/2 cup of self raising flour and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. I pulsed this until the cookies had crumbled and everything was mixed together well. I put the mixture into a large bowl and using my hands rubbed in 110 grams of butter. You only need to rub this through until the mixture is a good crumbly texture.

Lastly I just put the fruit into a large pyrex dish and spread the yummy crumble evenly over the top. Then 30 minutes in a 400 F degree oven and it is ready. I actually made this earlier on Saturday and then put it back in the oven while we ate dinner to reheat. It took about 20 minutes on 300F degrees to reheat.

I served this with a plain vanilla custard and the boys loved it! They were all kind of stuffed by the end of the dinner and ready to sleep I think. There were a couple of them slipping into food comas. I love this dessert, the tartness mixing with the crunchy sweetness is just fabulous! Such a great winter dessert too… warms you up. It is also great as leftovers the next day – if there are any leftovers!

  1. starkholborn says:

    Being English, I think crumble is one of the most underrated desserts ever! It’s just so good on a chilly autumn evening, especially with apples and blackberries straight off the hedge. I like the combination of raspberries and rhubarb though! I pretend to be healthy by combining my flour / butter mixture with a handful of oats, or even some muesli!

  2. turtl3talk says:

    Oh my, this looks so delicious!

  3. Sally Scott says:

    Yum! I’m not sure about the rhubarb, though. What does it add to the overall flavor?

  4. petit4chocolatier says:

    This looks perfect! Gingersnaps and custard are delicious in the recipe!

  5. This looks so good and I love the progression pictures of the recipe on your blog!

  6. paulheels says:

    I’m from the South. Pork is a perfectly acceptable dessert. Those look awesome to !

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