This is one of my brother Michael’s Photos by the way.

I love Melbourne. It is a beautiful, diverse and exciting city. Full of great people, shopping, food, sport and bars. I loved my apartment and living in the centre of the city but we all do crazy things occassionally, so I moved to Arizona. I am learning to love  my new home and I am so happy I moved here, it was certainly the right choice but there are things I miss about Melbourne.

Strangely they are all food/drink related… This is just the top ten.

1. Meat Pies

As you may have realised from one of my earlier posts about Meat Pies, I love them. Seriously they are my favorite food, not just my favorite Australian food, my all time, last meal kind of food. These aren’t something I can get in my new home, whereas in Melbourne there were 10 places within 2 minutes walk of my apartment that I could get a vast array of flavors, meats, styles and more from. I just have to make them myself and turn Arizonians onto the joy of meat pies!

2. Good Coffee

Melbourne is a city of cafes. You can barely walk half a block without passing one in downtown Melbourne. The thing I love about this is that 99% of these cafes serve an above average coffee. Some of them will serve outstanding coffee. I miss those options, I miss cafes that aren’t Starbucks and coffees that taste good. I have pretty much given up coffee since moving here which isn’t a bad thing… less caffeine is better for me.

3. Walking

I walked everywhere in Melbourne, I didn’t have a car so I didn’t have much choice. Living in the centre of the city certainly helped but I loved to wander around the city on a weekend. Grab a coffee, walk down to the Botanical Gardens, meet some friends at a pub for lunch. All on foot. The only walking I do these days is to the car and back, and at the gym. Mind you I am enjoying being lazy!

4. Al Fresco Dining

All over Australia we have an outside, active lifestyle. I spent so much time in sidewalk cafes, beer gardens and on restaurant balconies during the warmest months in Melbourne. Even during the grey, cold winter I would sit under braziers with a coffee or glass of wine, enjoying a great meal. Though there are some options here in Arizona for Al Fresco Dining, they are few and far between and the summer certainly sends us all indoors rather than outside. However the places with outdoor areas have those fabulous misters to keep us cool… I do like that!

5. The Queen Victorian Markets

I mentioned these markets earlier this week actually but I do miss them so much!! The incredible range of meat, fish, cheeses, vegetables and so much other stuff. Not to mention the bratwursts!! Nothing beats the brats there.

6. Supermarkets

This may seem like a strange one but this is because everything is different in Arizona. I miss a supermarket where not only do I know where everything is, I know the brands, the names that I am familiar with. It is just a matter of learning new ones and finding new favorites but I do miss the familiarity.

7. Bakeries

Bakeries are one of my favorite places… the smell of fresh baked bread is unbeatable. I would seriously where a perfume that smelled like that. Bakeries at home aren’t just bread but a smorgasbord of sweet treats like custard slice, apple slice, cream buns. Then the savory treats like meat pies and sausage rolls, not to mention the fresh sandwiches that many bakeries will make. Yum, yum, yum.

8. Cooking in Celcius

This is really silly I know, but having to always do conversions is really annoying!

9. Beer & Wine

I am learning about and discoving new beers and wine here in Arizona but I miss my favorites. I am a big fan of Australian microbrews like Beez Neez, James Squire, and so many more. I also love Australian wines which aren’t readily available here. Smaller wineries’ produce just doesn’t make it to Costco. I am limited to things like Yellowtail and Jacobs Creek. I may be wrong but I don’t think these are the best Australian wines out there!

10. Dinner Parties with Friends

I was lucky enough that when I moved back to Melbourne from Japan many of my close friends had moved into the same downtown area. I had my dearest and nearest within walking distance! We would get together at eachothers houses, at restaurants, bars and cafes for dinner parties and gatherings quite often. I love hosting dinner parties! I am making new friends now, so hopefully there is a dinner party, Arizona style, on the horizon…. maybe this weekend!

  1. Alex Suarez says:

    I guess I’m very lucky that I’ve discovered Aussie meat pies here in Texas. I can see why you’d miss the real deal from home.

  2. mmagalona says:

    I feel ya! Melbourne really is a lovely city, which is why we decided to move here. I can sort of relate to the supermarket thing though, but for me it was the opposite — I grew up with American brands on the shelves, and now all of a sudden I have to pick the best out of all the Aussie stuff!

    Do come home for Christmas — Santa has just arrived in Bourke Street over the weekend for you 🙂

  3. You could probably apply all the things you’ve mentioned to any Aussie city. We do have a wonderful lifestyle here. How long will you be living in Arizona?

  4. Mandy says:

    Moving is hard that way but before you know it, you’ll have a host of friends for dinner parties and a different appreciation for life in Arizona!
    And I reckon your homemade meat pies (actually containing all meat) will end up tasting heaps better than anything else!

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