Last time we were in Vegas we thought we would try out a new  breakfast place. This place is a long way off the strip (which we like) and had great reviews for their hearty breakfasts. Rise & Shine, a Steak & Egg Place is only open for breakfast and lunch and we drove out there in time for brunch – who gets up early in Vegas!

I usually don’t comment about the service or the ambience of a restaurant because I really don’t mind as long as the food is great. I will sit on the floor and be yelled at if the food is absolutely outstanding. However in the case of Rise & Shine I feel as though I need to acknowledge the exceptionally friendly service and the very warm, comfortable atmosphere. We were greeted so warmly when we walked in I knew we were in for a good brunch.

We spent a really long time umming and ahhing over what each of us was going to get. I think there were just too many good choices and really large portions that we struggled. This is a rare occurence for us, we usually are quick to order or have planned our orders ahead. In the end I ordered New York Steak, Spinach & Benidict-Bagel and J. ordered the Southern Style Chicken Fried Steak. When these came out… oh my goodness was it a lot of food!

My plate of food was amazing. An open buttered bagel topped with 2 poached eggs, fresh baby spinach and hollandaise sauce. On the side was the largest pile of hashbrown potatoes I have ever seen! All of this for just $12.95!!

It was truly delicious. The steak was perfectly medium rare, incredibly juicy and great seasoning. The rich hollandaise and eggs were broken up by the fresh spinach. The potatoes were crispy and had great seasoning. This was an amazing breakfast, unfortunately I couldn’t finish it all because it was so big.

J’s buttermilk battered Chicken Fried Steak came with a side of country sausage gravy. I had never tasted that before and it was sooo delicious. The chicken fried steak was topped with over easy eggs and he also got a fresh biscuit on the side. He was really pleased and ate it all up! I tasted all of it and it was great! Such crispy batter and rich gravy. Not to mention the perfectly cooked eggs for just $12.50.

This will be a place we return to next Vegas visit. We really loved this place and it is certainly worth the trek out from the strip (if you have a car). I think it would be perfect for a hangover cure as well… lots of food, coffee and great people. Who could ask for more!

  1. feckthisshit says:

    Where’s the booze? WHERE’S THE BOOZE????

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