J. has a way of tricking me into making things that his Mum makes and just recently I learnt that the things he asks me to cook he has never actually made before himself! Sneaky!!

A couple of weeks ago J. discovered the marinade mix for one of his favorite Filipino breakfast foods, Pork Tocino. He discovered this at Lee Lee’s our local Asian supermarket, which is proving dangerous for us to wander through since we keep discovering new things! Pork Tocino is apparently a great food for breakfast with rice and eggs but we decided to do breakfast for dinner instead. Once again I tried to make yet another Filipino dish I had never tasted before.

The great thing about this was that I had everything I needed at home and didn’t need tobuy anything. The Tocino packet mix has some directions on it which I kind of followed but changed a little bit.  I had two really large pork leg chops in our freezer that I dug out to marinate. The packet recipe said to slice the meat into thin pieces but I decided I would  just marinate the entire chop and cut it up after cooking.

I mixed the powdered marinade mix with 1 cup of water until it was completely dissolved. The recipe said to marinate the meat for an hour but I thought the longer the better and since J. wasn’t due home for a few hours I ended up putting the meat in the marinade for 4 hours and cooking it once he got home.

I cooked some rice in our little rice cooker while the meat was marinating. I made a lot of rice since J. can pretty much eat his body weight in rice. Once J. got home we took the meat out of the marinade and put them on our grill pan. I guess you could grill them outside on the BBQ (Grill to Americans) as well which would give it a nice crust. I was lazy and cooked them inside. I kept them medium since I really didn’t want the pork to dry out completely. The marinade made the outside char a little and caramelise which smelt incredible as it was cooking. It also made the meat into a red color.

I let the meat rest while I cooked a couple of sunny side up eggs to put on top of our rice. I then just sliced up the meat which was so juicy and delicious. Our plates were piled with Pork Tocino, rice and topped with the egg. J. looked so happy when I put this in front of him… I just hoped it would taste ok.

Another success! J. was so pleased with it. He said it took him back to his childhood. I was really impressed with how simple this was to make and then how delicious it was when I finally tried it. The marinade has a slightly tangy, sweet flavor to it.

I have nothing to compare it to but I think it was pretty great. J. loved it which is what matters and said that it was as good as his mum’s. Not sure if he was just being nice but either way he ate it all and I have a new dish to my repertoire. We need to keep a stock of that marinade in our pantry from now on. We even had the leftovers for breakfast a couple of days later!

  1. Oh I love the Tosilog combo so much! I was just in the Philippines, and I bought me some tocino mix 😀

  2. Cool! I never imagined I would see a blog about Filipino food!
    In the Philippines, we call that meal Tosilog (shortened words of Tocino and Itlog -Tagalog word of egg-). Served with fried rice and coffee (I prefer hot choco though), it’s one of the best selling breakfasts. You should try more variants of Filipino breakfast meals! 😀

  3. kz says:

    tempting me to eat tosilog >< but seriously, awesome blog.. i was lured by your huge burger photo ^^

  4. trialsinfood says:

    looks delicious! my husband is Korean while i’m Chinese. i usually cook more Korean food at home than Chinese and he usually loves the Korean food I make even though I have no idea how they should taste either.

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