Most weeks we try to do a date night, a night where we get out of the house, away from the football and go somewhere new to eat and do something fun. Last Friday J. needed to pay up on a bet with me and we got to go to any movie of my choosing. I was nice and didn’t choose Twilight, I chose Argo, which incidently was an excellent movie, that we both enjoyed.

After the movie we went for dinner at the only buffet J. will set foot in outside of LasVegas. Hong Kong Gourmet Buffet, well the name probably tells you what kind of food is served, is a Chinese buffet with a few Western dishes thrown into the mix. J. has been here a few times but it was my first experience.

Now, great preparation goes into going to a buffet for us… only eating a certain amount leading up to dinner and making sure we are super hungry. J. has always lectured encouraged me to eat our moneys worth at the buffet. This buffet was only $15.99 so I figured I should be able to achieve that!

There was a great variety of food at this buffet, including a made to order sushi bar in the center, hot chinese dishes, fresh seafood, salad and dessert bars, vegetables and so much more.

My first plate I got some tempura vegetables, some dim sum and a few crab puffs. The tempura was surprisingly fresh and crispy still and the dim sum had great flavor for a buffet. As for the crab puffs, well they were just delicious!! So amazingly good.

Next I had some cheese covered shrimp which sound weird but were yummy! I also had some garlic shrimp and orange chicken, normally I would stay away from these westernised Chinese dishes but I thought I would give them a try. They were great and took me back to my college years when we used to order Chinese food while preparing for a show. I also had some of their marinated ribs which were seriously good.

I had been wanting to try the prime rib all night and finally cornered one of the servers to carve it for me. I had a slice of it and a couple of more crab puffs (I just couldn’t resist). The prime rib was actually delicious, perfectly cooked and the jus the accompanied it was just the right amount of flavor to go with it.

For dessert I just had a bowl of chocolate soft serve ice cream with some chocolate syrup and oreo cookie crumbles. That was great and pretty much all I could fit in after 3 giant plates of food. J. however had a bit more of a variety for dessert. I tasted a little bit of his. There was some good red velvet cake and some really good cheesecake. Overall it was good dessert for a buffet.

This isn’t like the Bellagio or Wynn buffets in Vegas, it isn’t fancy but it is fresh, with a huge variety and they keep bringing fresh food out all night. For a local buffet I definitely think it is a good place and for $15.99 it’s a price that can’t be beaten. The added bonus is that J. was full for a good 48 hours afterwards which means less cooking for me!!!


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