I have had some comments (mostly from friends & family) about the high carb, high calorie diet the blog is illustrating and J. and I must be putting on lots of weight. For the record, we do not eat these things every day and we go to the gym 3 times a week and run 20km!

I thought that I would do a post about one of our week night meals. Generally we will have chicken or fish with vegetables or rice in one combination or another. Most of summer we have been having chicken and salad or fish and salad for dinner during the week but as the weather has started to cool (as much as it ever can in Arizona) I decided to try something different. One night last week I decided to make a honey, soy chicken stirfry with noodles. This is a fast and easy dinner that gets whipped together in under 20 minutes.

I can’t actually remember the last time I had made a stirfry. When I was at university I lived on this stuff, most nights my housemate (roommate) K.  or I would whip one of these up with some rice or noodles and sit down in front of Sex & the City or The West Wing. This was actually one of the first things K. learnt to cook. She actually still cooks them quite a bit!

There is nothing fancy to this and there is certainly no recipe. I just kind of throw things in and taste until I like it. So first of all in a large frying pan (we don’t have gas so we don’t use a wok) I add some vegetable oil, onions (sliced), 3 cloves of garlic and 12 thai chillies (finely sliced) and let the onions soften. To this I add about 2 pounds of chicken tenders that had been cut into strips. Stirring regularly I cooked the chicken nearly completely before adding in 2 red capsicum (bell peppers) that had been seed and julienned.

As the capsicum was cooking I added the ingredients for the sauce. I have no idea what the quantities were but the ingredients were light soy sauce, sweet thai chilli sauce, oyster sauce and honey. The oyster sauce was probably about 1 tablespoon and the each of the others about 3 tablespoons. All of this I stirred into the chicken and capsicum. Finally I added 6 bunches of small bok choy to the pan and stirred through. I like my bok choy crunchy so I only cooked for about 2 minutes.

About 2 minutes before we were ready to eat I put some glass rice noodles into some boiling water to cook for 2 minutes. I used these as a nest to sit the stirfry on and pour some of the sauce over.

This was a yummy dinner and our first stirfry for the fall. I am sure we will be eating more of them as the weather cools. A spicy, hot stirfry does wonders on a cool fall evening and the best thing is I get to be super creative and just make it up as I go along!


Leave any suggestions or comments!

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