I am seeking tastes from home, craving a little taste of Australia. One of my favourite things during summer on the weekend is to have a bit of a sausage sizzle. This is just plain bbq sausages bought from any butcher or supermarket on a bun or folded into a slice of bread. Often you can throw on some onions, some bbq (different from what is here in the US) or tomato sauce (ketchup).

Unfortunately one of the increasing number of things I can’t find here that I can find at home are these very basic, very simple sausages. Bratwursts seem to be the main type of sausage we can find here. Every type of bratwurst, italian sausage and so forth but no simple pork or beef sausage, besides hotdogs that is.

I decided a couple of months back to start a search for this type of sausage. Our area of Phoenix doesn’t really have “butchers” like at home, they are all part of grocery stores. So my search would have to start in the supermarkets. Unfortunately my attempts to describe what I am searching for to J. have just lead to frustration and confusion (we will eat some when we are back in Australia so he knows what I am talking about).

I got very excited when I walked by one section of Wholefoods a while back and saw an array of sausages. From my quick glance they looked like the ones I was seeking. I dragged J. there one weekend to get some to try and when I took a closer look I saw that they were a variety of Italian sausages ranging from plain to spicy and very hot.

Even though they weren’t what I was looking for J. and I decided we should try them just in case they were just named something different, and either way we like all kinds of sausages anyway. We decided we would try the spicy Italian and go from there.

These sausages were delicious with some caramelised onion on a crispy bun but I am sad to say I was disappointed. Yummy yes, what I was hoping for no! They were spicy and juicy as expected but not the type I am missing. Oh well the search will continue but it is good to know that while I look I have at least a yummy stand in!

P.S. All this talk of searching for sausages had me giggling! Innuendo makes me giggle – I am such a child.


Leave any suggestions or comments!

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