J. has been going to lunch at a gyros place near his work for weeks now and coming home and telling me about the great souvlaki they have. Now I know it sounds strange but souvlaki reminds me of Australia and is one of my favorite take out foods back home.

Melbourne has a huge Greek population (it actually has the largest Greek population outside of Greece) and there are souvlaki options all over the city. I was fortunate enough to have two such options downstairs from my apartment and on nights when I just couldn’t face cooking I would stop by Pepperoni’s (yes it was a pizza place but they did a great souvlaki too) and grab a souvlaki for dinner.

So today after J. and I had been out for our Saturday run and we were both starving I convinced him to take me to George’s Famous Gyros for lunch. He was a little concerned that it may not live up to my tastes, with my considerable souvlaki eating experience, but I didn’t care I just wanted something that tasted like home.

Now back home I would always order a lamb souvlaki, though not the traditional option, I love lamb so much I just can’t go with other options. However George’s is traditional, only offering the traditional pork souvlaki that was what I had.

So this souvlaki was marinated pork loin charbroiled with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce all wrapped up in a pita bread. Doesn’t it just sound delicious!!

We ordered our souvlaki, sat down with our handfuls of napkins (a good souvlaki will always be a little messy) and dove in!

Oh my, this was delicious!! I was immediately transported back across the Pacific and felt like I was sitting in Melbourne. The meat was tender and juicy, as it should be. The tzatziki was tangy and refreshing and the pita seemed really fresh.

We had the choice of a side of fries or salad with our souvlaki and we went with the salad just so we didn’t completely undo the good work of our run. The Greek salad was beautifully fresh and yummy… I could eat feta cheese in anything.

I can see why this has become one of J’s places to go for lunch and I will certainly be going back soon. Greek food in the desert, who would have thought!


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