Last night we went to J’s favorite restaurant. We haven’t been here for months so when I suggested it earlier in the week it was cause for great excitement. Given J’s Korean heritage we are always very critical of Korean restaurants, to quote J. directly “I don’t f#*@ around with korean food!”. When we discovered Chodang a couple of years ago it won both of us over and we have been going back every since.

In all our visits to Chodang we haven’t had a bad bite of food. It is situated in the Little Mexico part of Chandler which seems strange and actually across the road for Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara. 10 minutes from home it is a great place to start out our weekend.

After studying the menu (I am not sure why, since we pretty much know it off by heart), we selected our 3 dishes. We usually get a mix of dishes to share, when I say share I mean I have a little bit of eat and J. finishes off the rest! So last night we ordered 3 dishes, 2 which we have had many times before and a cold noodle dish we hadn’t tried yet. I also got myself an OB beer, must have beer when eating spicy food!

After receiving our banchan, several bowls of kimchi, pickles and seaweed we were served all three of our dishes at once. I am always a little embarrassed by our table when we are here… it seems so incredibly overloaded and glutenous! Oh well, we don’t care enough to stop ordering so much!

The Dae Ji Sambab, which is korean bbq pork with lettuce wraps, is one of our favorites. I think we have ordered this nearly everytime we have been to ChoDang. Eating with your hands makes everything taste better though I do  like to eat it with a little rice and no wrap at times too just to mix it up a little and when I do this I will use chopsticks rather than my hands. For some reason it tasted better than ever tonight. It could be that we haven’t been here for a few months or we just got a really good batch, but it was seriously good and spicy.

The new dish we tried was Mul Nyungmyun, this is a cold noodle soup with sliced beef. The broth is sour and refreshing and filled with radish and other vegetables. They use an arrowroot noodle, which was surprisingly yummy. I have never tasted a broth like this, it was both delicious and refreshing yet a little shocking to the palate. Floating on the top of the soup was a sesame seed crusted boiled egg. I didn’t taste this but J. enjoyed it quite a lot. I liked have some broth and noodles between the two hot dishes, it acted almost as a palate cleanser since the other two dishes were quite spicy.

We have had bibimbap at this restaurant before but we tried Dolsot Bibim Bap for the first time. This was an assortment of vegetables, egg, rice and pork. Tasty and spicy since we added a bunch of spicy sauce. The best part of bibim bap for me is scraping the sides of the stone bowl to get the crispy parts of rice that have stuck to the edge… Yum!

As always it was incredibly delicious though since we had leftovers we may not have put in our best eating effort… usually every bowl has been licked clean. J. is losing his abilities!! Maybe it is just a one off, we will see when we go back next time. Either way neither of us left hungry, we both fell into food comas shortly after getting home! Just as it should be.


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