I love bread! It is probably my favourite comfort food and something I will often crave. There are a great many things that I love about my new home but unfortunately the bread isn’t one of them. Since moving to the US I have been on a search for what I like to refer to as “real” bread.

My search became necessary when I started noticing a strange aftertaste when eating my morning toast. The sweetness that “American” bread has is overwhelming and even came through my slatherings of butter & vegemite. Now, I know I can go to Wholefoods and get sourdough or baguettes but for an everyday bread I am after a wholegrain sliced loaf that goes great as toast, sandwiches, with eggs, however I want to eat it.

Finally after extensive research and a lot of unsuccessful taste testing we have found a bakery with “real” bread. Now, this isn’t like a bakery at home but is a close approximation compared with other bakery chains I have found here. Great Harvest is actually a franchise but the bread is delicious.

J. and I went by the bakery one Saturday afternoon, they had closed so we were just peaking in the window to see what they had on offer. As we had our noses pressed up against the window, two people in the back waved at us and came and unlocked the door to talk to us. They turned out to be the incredibly friendly owners and bakers. They asked what we were looking for and I got into my whole spiel about my search for unsweetened bread. They generously gave us a bag of rolls and said try these on the house and let us know what you think.

We couldn’t believe the generosity! Not to mention the taste of the bread when we finally made it home to taste the rolls. They were Honey Oats rolls so they were slightly sweet but certainly not the artificial sweetness with a horrible aftertaste that I had been experiencing.

Those rolls won me over and I have been slowly working my way through their different varieties of bread. Our current favorites are the jalapeño cheddar garlic loaf, which is only baked made on Thursday and we get occasionally because it is amazing as toast under eggs for breakfast. The other is more of an every day bread… the High 5 Fiber loaf which was exactly what I was searching for.

So my search has come to an end… I have a found my “real” bread substitute and even J. can taste the difference. We still have others to try but we definitely have our everyday loaf choice… Now time for a sandwich!!


Leave any suggestions or comments!

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