In early August we took one of our frequent trips to Las Vegas. We went for a weekend to celebrate J’s birthday and as always ate up a storm. We went to some of our favorite places but thought we would try a new burger place that we had read great things about, Bachi Burger.

Now these aren’t your regular cheeseburgers or hamburgers, these are burgers with a twist and one specific burger with a bit higher price tag. We mainly went to this place to try their famous Shogun Burger which is a $25 burger.

We started out sharing an order of truffle parmesan fries that were served with a sun dried tomato aioli. These were very addictive… perfectly crispy and salted with the cheese and truffles just adding a little kick. The aioli was a great accompaniment to the fries, sweet and tangy.

I knew J. would order the Shogun burger so I studied the menu while we waited in line and decided on the Kiki’s Burger. This had an angus beef burger (cooked perfectly to medium), a mix of sautéed mushrooms (Shiitake, Enoki & Eryngii), melted gruyere cheese, caramelized bacon and a sweet onion marmalade. The burger came with a side of garlic chili aioli that I didn’t need to use because the burger was full of flavor.

This was an AMAZING burger. The meat was juicy and the sweetness of the marmalade combined with the cheese and saltiness of the bacon was just unbelievable. Usually I can’t finish one of these big gourmet burgers but this was sooooo good I ate every bite, except one or two that I gave J. just for a taste.

J. of course ordered the Shogun Burger… Wagyu beef burger with unagi (eel), pan seared foie gras (we have an obsession with foie gras and get it whenever we see it on a menu), poached asian pear, miso butter and yamamomo peach. Such an interesting combination of ingredients for a burger, how could we resist.

J. loved this and it was worth every dollar! Again the burger was cooked perfectly but it was the combination of flavors on this that made it rich and delicious. I had a couple of bites of this and am sure I probably couldn’t have eaten the entire burger because it was so rich. Even so it was amazing and J. did polish it off.

We are heading back to Vegas in a couple of months so we are hoping to get back to this place again. It was worth the 40 minute wait and it was worth every penny. What inspired burgers they have!


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