Last year we discovered this little Ethiopian Restaurant in Tempe and fell in love. We have been wanting to get back to Cafe Lalibela but only managed to for the first time this past weekend.

We ordered the Lalibela Exclusive platter that we had last time. This is an giant platter with a mix of all the different things you can order at the restaurant, both vegetarian and meat and served with two big baskets of Injera (a crepe like sourdough bread). There are so many delicious things on this platter that I just decided to use the explanations off the menu for an explanation of these Ethiopian dishes. The Lalibela Exclusive included:

Doro Wat – Chicken simmered in kibae (purified butter mixed with various spices), berbere (a mix of red chili powder and spices), onion and a tasty combination of seasoning.

Kye Sega Wat – Tender beef cubes simmered in berbere and flavored with various spices

Alicha Sega Wat – Tender beef cubes simmered in kibae, onion, turmeric and flavored with various spices.

Misir Wat – Red split lentils cooked with onion, berbere and herbs.

Gomen – Chopped collard greens cooked with garlic and onion.

Yebere Sega Tibs – Lean beef cubes pan fried with jalapeno, onion and rosemary. Served with selata.

Fosolia – Lightly spiced string beans cooked with carrots and onion.

Yebeg Alicha Sega Wat – Lamb cubes simmered in kibae, onion, turmeric and herbs.

Tikil Gomen – Lightly spiced cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

Yekik Alicha – Yellow split peas cooked with onion, turmeric and herbs.

Ayeb – Homemade mild, crumbly cheese used for enhancing flavor.

Selata – Garden salad

Eating with your right hand you rip off portions of the Injera and use it to pick up bits off the amazing platter. The lamb is probably my favourite but the collard greens and split peas are delicious as well.

We took home a big container of leftovers which J. enjoyed for dinner the next night. We are going to be regulars at this place and will be a great restaurant to go to with friends and share some of those amazing platters!


Leave any suggestions or comments!

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