We had seen and heard reviews of this intriguingly named restaurant, Beaver Choice, in Tempe AZ. Swedish, Polish, Canadian cuisine all rolled into one just seemed like something we just had to try.

We were completely starving when we arrived and may have gone a little over the top on our ordering. Somehow J. has never tasted Poutine, so we just had to start with a serving of those to share. The poutine was just fabulous, delicious gravy, yummy cheese and chips, how could it possibly not be fantastic and of course J. loved them!

Most of the main dishes come with your choice of 3 salads and a side which should have been a warning about the size of the food but we ploughed on. I ordered the Chicken Schnitzel with pan-fried thyme potatoes as a side and then beet salad, homemade coleslaw and tomato and basil salad. Ever bit of this was just mouthwateringly delicious. Each salad was beautifully fresh and potatoes crispy and flavourful and then the schnitzel was just amazing.

J. went with the pork schnitzel with a side of creamy dill potatoes and then sauerkraut, homemade coleslaw and swedish potato salad. I tasted a small amount of each of his salads which were just as delicious as mine. His schnitzel disappeared very quickly but I managed to get a small bite, juicy and delicious.

We were so full by the end we had no room for dessert even though there was a giant cheesecake sitting in their display case staring at me! We decided we would get a piece to take home with us and have the next day. It was very very good too.

I think next time we will only get one meal to share because they are such generous portions. We actually took over half of my meal home (which was delicious the next day by the way). Beaver Choice was fantastic, we will definitely be going back for that home cooked meal feeling and incredibly friendly service!


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