Most people may not consider dim sum to be breakfast or brunch food, but one of our favorite Sunday destinations is C-Fu Gourmet Restaurant and some of the best dim sum I have eaten outside of Hong Kong.

We have our routine down and the servers and trolley attendees know both us and our favourites. We sit and wait with anticipation for the trollies laden with all kinds of deliciousness to weave their way through the tables to us. One they arrive in quick succession one after the other J. gets to work.

Staples we have each visit are shumai, hargao, baked and steamed BBQ pork buns, chickens feet, shark fin dumplings (this refers to the shape not the contents) and we always finish off with some delicious egg custard in flaky pastry. Each dumpling is filled with juicy, yummy goodness and J. spends a great deal of time nibbling away on the chickens feet to make sure he doesn’t miss a bit.

We do have a lot of other things we love at this place. We substitute in shrimp in rice noodles, calamari, BBQ pork, sesame balls, Shanghai dumplings and so much more. We haven’t made a bad choice here yet.

Sunday around noon is the best time to get the freshest and widest assortment of dim sum and more Sundays than not you can find us there with a stack of plates and steamers. C-Fu Gourmet Restaurant is definitely one of our all time favourite places in Phoenix and perfect for a great Sunday brunch!

  1. sybaritica says:

    I could quite cheerfully have dim sum for brekkies everyday 🙂

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