After reading outstanding reviews we decided it was time for our first visit to Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara. Saturday lunchtime we arrived at a small shopping mall in downtown Chandler and the heart of little Mexico. The only restaurant in the very small complex this place  is the definition of a hole in the wall and just what we are always looking for.

Even though this place is known for their Guadalajaran style torta (sandwich) I decided to go with something a little simpler, yet hopefully just as delicious, the Torta Al Pastor. J. decided to order their specialty, Torta Ahogada and the server, to his delight, asked how hot he wanted and as always the spiciest possible was requested. We love places where we can specify the spiciness of  our food, especially since we think the spicier the better.

Our tortas came out and they were huge! My Torta Al Pastor was avacado, al pastor (marinated pork), tomato, lettuce, jalapenos and a little mayonaise. All  of this served on a crispy roll. This was seriously the best sandwich I have ever eaten. The pork was melt in your mouth delicious and everything was incredibly fresh. It was so juicy I just wanted to keep eating but I only managed to eat half of it since it was so large.

 J’s Guadalajara torta was a sight to behold and I was glad we had grabbed a huge handful of napkins before sitting down. There is just something about Mexican bread that can hold up to swimming in that sauce. This wasn’t soggy at all! The spiciness was legitimate with decent heat yet didn’t overbear the flavor of a smokey, chilli, rich sauce. Slow cooked carnitas (small bits of pork) were the perfect filling. We helped ourselves to 3 different types of salsa, pickled jalapenos/radishes/onion and guacamole at the self-serve salsa bar. This is the sandwich of all Mexican sandwiches!

This is a great place for a weekend lunch, especially since they are only opened from 8am-8pm. Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara  is going to be one of our favourites and definitely a place we will take the Australian visitors when they descend on us. Next time though I am going to take a handful of wet wipes to clean up afterwards.

  1. […] Oyamel – If you have read any of our posts about Mexican food, you will be familiar with exactly what our thoughts on it are… if you haven’t read J’s entry about this topic. Oyamel is not our usual Mexican fare. It is pricey, fancy and more like a tapas restaurant then the hole in the wall, divey places we usual frequent. However, the food was good and it was our chance to take a friend out for their first Mexican restaurant experience in the US. We ate tacos, mole, yummy desserts and I can’t remember what else. It is a restaurant with an interesting concept combining Mexican food and tapas, with good service and food. I have to admit though that I still prefer my hole in the walls back here in Arizona. […]

  2. James says:

    That’s a serious sandwich! I’m all about a sandwich swimming in spicy goodness with some serious heat. I’m all about al pastor as well… and I’m always on the lookout for the best al pastor here in the valley.

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